Spring Wreath and 100 Day Project

Thursday, April 20, 2017

I've been in a bit of a funk lately - struggling with finding some minutes in the day when I don't have to be "Mom". Being a stay at home mama is tough that way, but add into the mix an older kiddo with a later bedtime, and a young one who gets up super early, and I'm going to bed at the same time as the 9 year old, leaving me zero time for just me. Sure, the 9 year old is self sufficient. But any Mom will tell you that when you have an infant/baby/toddler, the older kiddo doesn't get all that much attention and the Mom guilt is STRONG, meaning anytime she was sleeping I felt obligated to be spending quality time with him. Naptime is great, but naptime is also my time to get laundry/ dishes/ cleaning/ work (I still work remotely 5+ hours per week)/dinner prep/going to the bathroom without a toddler along time. (TMI???) I've still been doing Project Life, but lately the fact that I'm super behind on that has made it feel more like a chore.

I'm a devout Elise Cripe follower, and when I heard about #100dayproject this year, I decided it was a prime opportunity to find a way to squeeze in some time for me. I told myself 5 minutes a day - I could find 5 minutes a day to be creative and get my mojo back. And maybe get myself out of this funk.

I've made a lot of wreaths in my day, but somehow I ended up with nothing to hang up after Valentine's Day. And this wreath I pinned years ago has always been in the back of my mind (LOVE her color scheme, but decided spring called for more color). Felt and yarn flowers are quick and easy and fun - and I could knock one or two out every day in five minutes. It became addictive.

My girlfriend gifted me this awesome yarn flower loom when I was pregnant with E, and I hadn't had much time to play with it. She had used to make flowers to adorn the favors from the baby shower she threw me. I loved her flowers so much that I kept them - and two of them made it into my wreath (the pretty green ones - her yarn was so much better in this application than the ones I have in my stash).

I kept it low budget - using a Dollar Store 11x17 photo frame as my base and hot-glued those babies on. There are a ton of great felt flower tutorials on Youtube if you want ot do the same. I think the anemones and daisies are tied for my favorite! This was crazy easy and super satisfying. More projects to come!

Project done, and front door officially ready for spring/summer! Now to get to work on those pots by the door....

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