2017 Week in the Life - Monday

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I've participated in Ali Edwards Week In the Life a few times. At first I wasn't going to do it this year, but then I saw the posts early Monday morning and decided to jump in. My life is VERY different than it was this time last year or the year before that for that matter. And inevitably, with E so young, my daily life will be very different in just a couple years. So I decided it was worth the effort to document our everyday.

I'm going to keep the album super simple - think 3x4 cards like my love notes albums. In the meantime, I'm posting most images on Instagram and every night I'm using the app Supermatic to add a day/time frame to them in preparation for printing. Here's most of Monday!

After breakfast for these two, we still have some time to play before getting ready for school.

Headed home from walking Logan to school!

Ran some errands and she fell asleep on the way home. Happens every weekday. And unfortunately, means her afternoon nap is all messed up. 

The last 30 minutes before naptime are sometimes the hardest for me. She is getting tired and grumpy and signing for milk, and I am dying for 5 minutes to myself after being "on" as Mom for 6 hours straight. Yet I know if I lay her down too early (thanks to the car nap) she won't sleep at all. Today we both enjoyed that last 15 minutes by snuggling on my bed to watch Sesame Street. Even Dixie joined in. #winwin

Finally asleep. Only 45 minutes of playing in her crib before she finally got there.

Still going (SLOWLY) with #100dayproject with a little coloring today. LOVE this coloring book by @katieisadaisy that my awesome niece @lunarrmoony got me for my birthday. Taking advantage of the last 10-15 minutes before nap is over. Also, willing myself to believe the showers today are a positive thing. 

She woke up pretty sad. It you couldn't tell it now. Time to go get brother from school!! 

They are always so happy to see each other!
He is already engrossed in the logic puzzle book from the Easter package from Grandma and Grandpa.

So many awesome things in the package from Grandma and Grandpa. The giant jawbreaker in E's hand is a bit alarming in size!!

Serenading me while brother reads.

An after dinner goldfish snack with Dada. 

This girl LOVES to play dress up, and may love selfies even more!
The girl is in bed and the boys have cleaned up the toys and camped out in the bonus room. He's pulled out his 3DS to play a little Pokemon Moon tonight.

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