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Thursday, November 6, 2014

09 Sep Carry Your Heart by Heather Vo 02
I’ve always been a huge e.e. cummings fan. I think I discovered his work in some early high school English class. Between the words and punctuation – never have I read poetry that was so much better read on a physical piece of paper than aloud. There is so much meaning in his use of punctuation – its like little hidden passageways within the poem itself. Love!

I’ve seen some great home décor projects with this particular poem on Pinterest. Loved them all, but I wanted to make something that was all mine. I also have been experimenting more with watercolor and wanted to do so on a canvas. But I wanted more vibrant colors, so I used a scrapbooking technique I’d read about. I used some Mister Huey’s inks in a painter’s palette, adding a touch of water to each. I picked my three favorites to go with the color scheme in the room I was going to hang it.

I started with a bit of gesso on the 12x24 canvas, which I let dry for awhile. then I painted in layers with lots of water – letting the colors bleed into each other. I worked from the bottom up, makking sure to get the sides of the canvas as well.
09 Sep Carry Your Heart by Heather Vo 01

I cut my words on my Sihouette and started to paste them on, one by one (meaning to do a reverse stencil like you can see here). However, I was kind of sad by the amount of color it was going to cover, and a bit frustrated by tacking each letter on. So instead, I went with the negative from the printed poem. I basically taped two 12x12 sheets of paper, each with half the phrase on them, to my canvas. I made sure to cover all the edges with washi (my favorite masking tool since I will NEVER run out!). Then using some black spray paint I had on hand, I went to work.

After it dried, I removed the masks. I liked the look, but as my paper hadn’t fully been tacked down, some of the letters had a fuzzier edge than others. No worry, I took my favorite chalk marker (like this one) and outlined each letter for punch.
09 Sep Carry Your Heart by Heather Vo 03
So happy with the result! Definitely a project I want to try again. But maybe next time I will try the reverse stencil look with my new favorite Hazel & Ruby stencils!

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