2014 WITL: Wednesday

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I’m following along with Ali on Week in the Life this year, blogging my photos and words as it may be awhile before I can make my album! Here’s Wednesday.

Woke up after a few hits of the snooze button with this one in our bed instead of Trung. After he rolled out of bed, he crawled onto the couch with Daddy to snooze a bit more.

10 Oct by Heather Vo 0910 Oct by Heather Vo 0110 Oct by Heather Vo 02

Busy morning getting everything ready. Usually Wednesday mornings are laid back – I have a 9AM meeting downtown that I go straight to after dropping off Logan, so I balance it with responding to some emails over coffee. This morning, there were a lot of issues to respond to, three calls to make, a crockpot meal to prep and general chaos. Finally got it all set and got this guy to school around 8:10.

10 Oct by Heather Vo 0510 Oct by Heather Vo 03

It was lunchtime by the time my meeting at the jobsite was over. Of course I didn’t bring my lunch since I’d gone straight downtown, so I stopped at home for some of the tortellini we had the other night for lunch. It was gorgeous out so I indulged by eating it quickly on the back deck rather than taking it into the office! While eating I noticed a disaster in one of the veggie pots. Someone knew she’d been naughty.

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Back to the office for a few hours, where I got some sneak peeks at our weekend photo session via Facebook, Instagram and text. I was absolutely giddy with them!!  And of course the texts included some super sweet words from our uber talented and golden hearted photog.

10 Oct by Heather Vo 2010 Oct by Heather Vo 3610 Oct by Heather Vo 10

Then off to get the little guy (we meet at the flagpole) and home for homework.

10 Oct by Heather Vo 1110 Oct by Heather Vo 1210 Oct by Heather Vo 13

Grandma and Grandpa sent this guy an awesome Halloween package. His words when opening, “It’s from Grandma, so I expect there to be lots of candy!”  :) He was right. Not sure what he was more excited about – the candy or the $5!

10 Oct by Heather Vo 1410 Oct by Heather Vo 16

Dinner didn’t take much prep  (recipe here – first time we tried it) – just added the greens and the cream and cooked a little bacon for garnish. We had stopped at the store on the way home to get some crusty bread to go with, since Logan loves to dip in his soup! Trung cut up the pineapples we bought over the weekend, so we enjoyed some of that for an after dinner treat. We use toothpicks to eat it when we share a bowl. :)

10 Oct by Heather Vo 1810 Oct by Heather Vo 22

Trung went to bootcamp, so Logan and I hung out and relaxed. He played a few games on the iPad, then decided to make up a “math book” of exercises we both did. He made me some to complete and vice versa. Then we watched the Nature show on PBS, which was an awesome program about macaques.

10 Oct by Heather Vo 3010 Oct by Heather Vo 3110 Oct by Heather Vo 32

While we watched, Logan ate part of a caramel apple. He saw it in the bakery at the store when we’d stopped for bread, and when he remarked he’d never had one (could that be possible?!?) I couldn’t resist getting him one. I’m not sure he was all that fond of it. After an attempt at eating it on the stick, he gave up and let me cut it up. When he realized it was a Granny Smith apple, he proceeded to eat the caramel until he got nauseous. Goof.

10 Oct by Heather Vo 2510 Oct by Heather Vo 26

Trung got home while Logan was getting ready for bed. He sat with him for a bit, then came down to have dinner and hang out with me. This one must have had a busy day of digging or something, as she was exhausted. :)

10 Oct by Heather Vo 2710 Oct by Heather Vo 28

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