2014 WITL: Thursday

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Logan brought Trung the teddy bear that Logan got him for Christmas (because Trung always calls Logan his teddy bear and hugs him super tight).

10 Oct by Heather Vo 02

This guy didn’t really care for the clementine that I made him eat for breakfast after the pumpkin bread was gone. But he did surprise me by getting dressed including socks and shoes (with no nagging) while I was drying my hair.

10 Oct by Heather Vo 0310 Oct by Heather Vo 06

After a day mostly at the office (broken up by a luncheon at the Ritz mid day), I attempted to pick up the little guy, but ridiculous traffic held me back. Luckily Trung was at his office, which is super close to our house, so he was able to run and get him. After traffic made me 20 minutes late a few weeks ago, I’m super paranoid I’ll make it on time!  I met the boys at home, where we did a last minute costume check. Then we went to Target to get him some boots and pants to wear under his costume. The boys also decided to get a dart crossbow. And more candy for the trick or treaters (which was so NOT needed).

10 Oct by Heather Vo 0910 Oct by Heather Vo 10

Trung grilled up our favorite honey chipotle chicken for some dinner salad and Logan and Trung tested out their new crossbow.

10 Oct by Heather Vo 1110 Oct by Heather Vo 1710 Oct by Heather Vo 13

After dinner, Michelle came over for some pumpkin carving!

10 Oct by Heather Vo 2010 Oct by Heather Vo 23

10 Oct by Heather Vo 27

Then Michelle and Logan enjoyed a little play time. Afterward, Michelle and Logan watched a couple Michael Jackson music videos on Michelle’s phone.

10 Oct by Heather Vo 3010 Oct by Heather Vo 3210 Oct by Heather Vo 34

Daisy crashed after Michelle left!

10 Oct by Heather Vo 3810 Oct by Heather Vo 36

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