2014 WITL: Monday

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This year I’m participating in Ali’s Week in the Life, and I’m going to attempt to blog about it daily. If you haven’t heard of week in the life, it’s an annual project Ali does that you can find out more information on here.

I’ve only participated in WITL once before, as I’ve always struggled with how this project is different than from my Project Life albums. I decided to participate this year because I feel like I don’t capture a lot of detail of our lives in those albums. I capture moments, but not routines, things, and habits.

I bought Ali’s kit to use this year and am very excited about that. I know we have a crazy couple of months ahead of us with vacations and family in town and other holiday plans, so I’m trying to be proactive by documenting the words as I go. Which is where these daily blog posts will come in!

So onto Monday.

Breakfast: Chocolate Pumpkin bread that we baked on Saturday + vanilla latte for me (pumpkin bread + milk for the little guy). He catches up on his iPad games while I catch up on blogs and new email.

WITL by Heather Vo-55

Note to self – next time use the big camera, not the iPhone.

Normal morning routines: Nagging him to tie his shoes (he proceeded to quadruple knot one just to be ornery), making a bottle of seltzer for me, and out the door by 7:25 (impressive for us). Trung is still sleeping until we wake him to say goodbye. As usual, Logan is reading in the car and frustrated with me when I make him stop to go into school for the before-care program.

WITL by Heather Vo-0583WITL by Heather Vo-37

After dropoff (which is relatively painless after I hand over said book inside), I enjoy the pretty sky and an audiobook on my much shorter commute to the office now that we’ve moved to the new building.

WITL by Heather Vo-1WITL by Heather Vo-44

I have a full day in the office, which isn’t too common these days. It’s raining when I head out at just before 3:15 and definitely getting chilly. I didn’t plan ahead to have a jacket, but a bout of rain in September at least has me smart enough to have an umbrella in the car for pickup, although it isn’t raining quite as hard by the time I park at the school. Of course Logan comes outside in his shortsleeves and no jacket, insisting he is fine while I freeze in my sweater. He does his usual track of walking down the brick wall at the stairs then running across the front yard to the stop sign at the corner, where he waits for me and the crossing guard to arrive.

WITL by Heather Vo-12WITL by Heather Vo-44-2WITL by Heather Vo-44-3

I meet him there and ask the usual questions while we walk hand in hand across the street:

  1. How was your day? Goodie good.
  2. What was your special today? Gym.
  3. What did you have for lunch? Peanut butter and jelly. And strawberries. And chocolate milk!

We head to Target because, well, it’s raining, and Target might as well be a playground to us on rainy days. Oh, and we need book light batteries and mouthwash. As usual, we walk out with way more than that. We also picked up some sausage tortellini for dinner.

It’s not really raining when we get home, but the temperature has dropped quite a bit. So we decide to change into jammies before homework (spelling words practice), then evening reading time.

WITL by Heather Vo-57WITL by Heather Vo-45WITL by Heather Vo-0589

Then it’s time for dinner. Tonight is boot camp class for Trung, and he won’t eat before his class. We haven’t really planned ahead with dinner tonight, so the tortellini and our favorite butternut squash sauce (extra from our pantry) make an easy and tasty dinner for me and Logan.

WITL by Heather Vo-0590WITL by Heather Vo-31

Dinnertime for Daisy too, and then some Jeopardy. This guy got like five questions right in the show. I got Final Jeopardy before Trung (which is quite rare so I had to note it Winking smile).

WITL by Heather Vo-0591WITL by Heather Vo-0594WITL by Heather Vo-0603WITL by Heather Vo-23WITL by Heather Vo-0605

After dessert (some gummy slugs from Grandma for him and a bit of peppermint ice cream for me – love that it is out early!) we decide to watch the rest of Annie. Trung had turned it on right before bedtime Saturday night, so Logan was anxious to watch the rest. Of course on a chilly night, hot cocoa with marshmallows was necessary. Logan declared it the “best movie EVERRRR!” and didn’t roll his eyes when I sang along to every song. Love that kid.

WITL by Heather Vo-10WITL by Heather Vo-0601

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