this day, nine years ago

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This day, nine years ago, I walked down the aisle to this song. My best friend in the world was at the end waiting for me.
Nine years later, I really think we are more in sync than ever. I truly love him more than I did nine years ago – than I did when we fell in love eighteen and a half years ago!
I’m pretty confident he doesn’t read my blog, and so I’m going to share the card I made for him (I figure he’ll see it in about an hour anyway). I’ve been thinking about using some lyrics to that song in some home décor project, so I had it on the brain. It seemed like a perfect thing to use on his anniversary card. I love the look of white on kraft, so I used my trusty white pen and went to town.
2014-09-16 17.53.57-1
I added a couple wood veneer pieces dyed with some Distress Ink in red, and mounted them on a simple paper white heart (which was a leftover from another home décor project which I will shared soon). I added a bit of the distressing ink to the edges of the card to make it pop a bit.
2014-09-16 17.54.20-1
So happy with how it turned out. A super simple card design, but I hope he’ll see how much heart I put into it!

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