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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Miss Your Face by Heather Vo (4 of 4)
I did the Auntie of a two year old thing from a distance before. I know what to expect. You grow super close when you are visiting, but then they act as if you’ve never met the next time you see them. They refuse to talk on a phone. It’s hard – without a doubt! Thank goodness I have a tech-savvy sis-in-law to get me through this round. Between text messages and Instagram and even some Facetime, I get to see this face quite a bit more than I did my niece and other nephew. But it’s still hard to be so far away!
Miss Your Face by Heather Vo (1 of 1)Miss Your Face by Heather Vo (1 of 4)
My sister made us the awesome 4x6 calendars I’ve been making for years, and that’s helped us get through a bit too. I couldn’t let those cute little square photos go to waste. I also couldn’t wait until I had all 12 so I just cropped some others of my own to go with.

My Cameo came out to play again as well. I’m loving the reverse titles these days! I added some white pen accents on some of the chevron background to help it pop a little.
Miss Your Face by Heather Vo (3 of 4)
I made one of the photos flip open to reveal the hand journaling.

Luckily I got to see and kiss this sweet face lots a couple weeks ago, and only have six weeks to wait to see it again. I’m already looking forward to it!
Miss Your Face by Heather Vo (2 of 4)

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