100 years young

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I was one blessed little girl – I had three grandmas in my life. Two were the typical family relation, but the third was this pretty amazing lady that lived about a mile down the road. Her daughter-in-law  (also a neighbor) had a little boy just three weeks younger than me, so when my mom went back to work she babysat me. Quite often we’d hang out with Grandma Elvera. She is a pretty cool lady. And so I was pretty excited to hear she was celebrating her 100th birthday. I haven’t talked to her in years, but I knew I had to send her a card. One hundred is a pretty big deal.
Card by Heather Vo-2-2
I brought out all my traditional scraps for this one, which isn’t much but I made it work.
Sorry for the glare on the gold letter stickers, but I had to use them!
Card by Heather Vo-4-2Card by Heather Vo-5-2
Grandma Elvera apparently decided she wanted a pizza party for her 100th birthday. Yep, that’s how cool she is. Happy 100th, Grandma Elvera!!

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