you are here baby card

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This was a super quick card – once I settled on the color scheme, I was able to quickly pull my papers, layer them on, and move on to the stamping. I wanted to go a bit untraditional on the card – maybe since it’s for a baby girl and I’m a bit personally averse to pink. Smile
You Area Here Baby Card by Heather Vo
I tried a little different technique on the stamping on this card. I didn’t have exactly the right color of yellow that I wanted to use. I wasn’t afraid to test something out since I was stamping on paper I was adding to the card (I’m always a lot more brave when I’m not stamping directly on the card!). So I took a stamp pen that was a little too orange, one that was a bit too neon, and a distress ink pad that was just a bit too brown and layered them on my stamp. I made sure to be sloppy with each layer so that there would be a bit of a variegated effect. The result was almost like a watercolor stamp – absolutely loved it! I did the same with my red stamping, which was a little less of a success, but I think it still worked.
You Area Here Baby Card by Heather Vo-2

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