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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

April was a crazy busy month, and it is pretty obvious looking at the number of pages for this month!
We continued our Steamboat vacation with the Gaddis clan!
06 Jun by Heather Vo 0106 Jun by Heather Vo 0206 Jun by Heather Vo 0306 Jun by Heather Vo 04
Of course I had to document our tasty eats, including an awesome lunch with our dear friends at our favorite all you can eat Korean BBQ place. The “pig out” sticker was made with a sticker Logan got there plus some letter stickers – the name of the restaurant is Korean for pig out so I went for it. Smile
06 Jun by Heather Vo 05
We played a LOT of board games on vacation! We also went to the local Aquarium when we got back to town.
06 Jun by Heather Vo 06
Logan lost TWO teeth in TWO days!! Crazy! Both bottom front teeth – they are the only teeth he has lost so far.
06 Jun by Heather Vo 07
Then Grandma came to visit! Of course more tasty meals out, and some egg decorating!06 Jun by Heather Vo 08
Then there is the egg hunt the EB always leaves for Logan. This year’s was apparently far to easy. I kept the clues he made (thanks EB for using PL cards to use in my spread!) and used them in the spread.
06 Jun by Heather Vo 09
After the egg hunt, we went to the Botanic Gardens with Mom. It was a gorgeous day to visit!
06 Jun by Heather Vo 11
So glad she was here for Logan’s “Super Citizen” award. And so proud of my little guy. Also pretty impressed with his climbing skills at the park!
06 Jun by Heather Vo 1206 Jun by Heather Vo 13
This is one of those random spreads – some more time with mom, a movie, lots of card game and board game score sheets, random photos of Daisy, etc.
06 Jun by Heather Vo 14
Lots of Fridays in April picking up the little guy – and lots of after school adventures. Oh, and all this family in town meant THREE date nights in ONE month! New record for us! Two movie nights here – Grand Budapest Hotel and Captain America.
06 Jun by Heather Vo 15
Our other date night was at Totally Tennyson – an 80s street festival. We had to go in costume, of course. The next spread is one that I’m sure will be repeated every month – my flower photos. I LOVE to take photos of the flowers in our yard and any special place we go! This is a mix of our anemones, tulips, some Botanic Gardens flowers, and some little flowers Logan picked for me. Smile
06 Jun by Heather Vo 16
This final spread, which is also the last page of this volume of PL (I’m breaking it into three albums this year) is of a hiking trip we squeaked in there in April. I decided not to do end pages for my volumes this year, so this worked out perfectly!
06 Jun by Heather Vo 17
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