project life: march 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today I thought I would share a bit about my process with Project Life this year, as it is one of the reasons I love this approach so much more than the previous years. Separating my months are the Project Life Dividers (I’m using the Jade Edition to match my Just Add Color kit).

Time management is one of the reasons this approach is working so well for me. You would think processing a month’s worth of photos would be more time consuming.  To avoid getting overwhelmed, I like to break larger tasks into manageable chunks of batch processing. Most often I don’t get more than a step done in one sitting.

Here’s my process:
  1. Download photos over the course of the month. Weed out the bad ones.
  2. Rate my photos. I use this system now:
    • 3 stars for my most favorite photos ever (less than a dozen a year get this rating)
    • 2  stars for those I’d like to scrapbook.
    • 1 star for anything else that is Project Life worthy. I made up this star rating because I found that often a photo told a story that I wanted to include, even if it wasn’t a good photo.
  3. Once the month is complete, go through Lightroom’s album for the month and send all those I plan to use to my 2014 Project Life collection. I start with everything with a star rating, but then weed out duplicates.
  4. Sort my collection by “theme” – all photos of Logan at a park together, photos of Logan and Daisy together, etc.
  5. Using a technique I learned from Christine Newman, I layout my pages, export and upload to Costco to print. When I export, I insert custom text in the file name to label the page, so when I get the prints I can easily sort them correctly. By the way, I use a technique I learned from Melissa Stinson to print two 3x4 photos on a 4x6 canvas easily.
  6. Pick up my prints and insert all my photos. Rearrange a bit.
  7. Insert memorabilia (I use a lot – see my February post for more on what I like to include!). Insert journaling cards/filler cards in the empty parts.
  8. Journal.
  9. Photograph for the blog.
Sounds like a lot of steps, but it has worked out great so far for me! After all, I have a month to get it done, right? That’s the best part!

Onto March!

The Mom Creative

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