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Friday, June 6, 2014

We have been enjoying the flowers in our yard!
We are OBSESSED with the Frozen soundtrack. Let It Go (Idina’s version) is our favorite. We blast it and sing it at the top of our lungs.
We’ve had some changes in our schedule around here and are loving it. Trung got a new job (unexpected opportunity) and I’m cutting back a bit to take a bit more time as a mom (love!!).
Logan has been blowing “wishflowers” and picking me dandelions.
The boys went to a Rockies game with friends and had a blast!
We got our garden planted! Then of course we had a blizzard and hard freeze over Mother’s Day. But impressively everything survived! This year we have zucchini, squash, roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, two types of spicy peppers and a ton of different types of carrots.
We enjoyed Mother’s Day. Brunch the day before at Old Major (yum!). Then Starbucks and homemade breakfast, with handmade gifts, beautiful cards and flowers, and lots of chocolate. The boys SPOILED me, even though we had a freak winter storm!
Logan has been devouring chapter books! The How to Train a Dragon series is his favorite right now. He is already up to book 6! He had a couple sick days in a row this month (which is VERY rare for him – first time this year!) so he managed a lot of reading then especially.
Around Here by Heather Vo-07Around Here by Heather Vo-34Around Here by Heather Vo-38-2
These two are enjoying the warmer weather together A LOT.
Around Here by Heather Vo (1 of 1)Around Here by Heather Vo (1 of 1)-2
Logan had a school concert, which I totally adored. He was so excited to tell me that they sang “Favorite Things” from Sound of Music!
We had a very quick visit from Tam, Matthew and Duncan this month!
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We had an awesome time celebrating Ha and Scott’s wedding!
Around Here by Heather Vo-33Around Here by Heather Vo-17Around Here by Heather Vo-35-2
I’ve been doing a bit more baking with my free time! Love that I’m actually trying some of my Pinterest recipes. I made this banana bread, this mixed berry muffin and this raspberry and jam muffin. I think the Raspberry and Jam muffins were our favorite and definitely will be made again! I linked you to my “Made It” board pins which include comments on tweaks I made.
We attempted camping over Memorial Day weekend. We made it one night in the rain, then Mother Nature won out! But it was a lot of fun when it wasn’t raining or hailing!
Around Here by Heather Vo-17Around Here by Heather Vo-35Around Here by Heather Vo-42Around Here by Heather Vo-19Around Here by Heather Vo-49
We tried some tasty new places to eat and enjoyed some old favorites.
Around Here by Heather Vo-22Around Here by Heather Vo-56Around Here by Heather Vo-16Around Here by Heather Vo-42-2Around Here by Heather Vo-47
And best of all – I CREATED SOMETHING. A few somethings actually. Project Life pages, cards, and scrapbook pages. Here’s hoping June has even more!

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