project life: february 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I mention in my last post that I love to use little bits of life in my Project Life spreads. Aside from the other inserts I don’t photograph that are full of brochures, letters from school, artwork from the little guy, etc. I thought I’d share some other ways I like to include bits of life in my spreads.

February has just about every type of ephemera that I like to use. This first spread includes some scorecards from a Taboo game we played with friends, some packaging from our favorite Trader Joe’s goodies (Denver’s TJ stores finally opened in February!) and a receipt from that trip to TJ’s.
This left spread includes the receipt from the library (love that it shows what the little guy has been reading) and part of the bag from a little spice shop we visited for the first time.
Tickets are great pieces to include – this one has both our hockey game ticket and my lightrail receipt (since I think that was Logan’s favorite part of the night).
For the Valentine’s Day spread, I included the logo from a brochure for an event we went to, as well as a tag from a gift and an Amazon gift receipt from a package Logan received.
The left spread is about a fun day we had as a family, which includes a business card from a used bookstore we visited, a receipt from lunch (which is fun to share prices but also what we like to eat right now) and a bit of paper with a “security code” that Logan created for the fort we built. ON the right, where I share the lovely places we went to eat this month, I included the chopstick packaging from a sushi restaurant we visited.
This spread includes part of the packaging of valentine cards Logan picked out, some artwork he made, and one of Trung’s business cards from his new business venture.
We discovered how fun it was to do a family puzzle this month, so I included a little insert from that puzzle (above the photo of the completed puzzle) and another game scorecard – this one in Logan’s handwriting (love!).
I’d love to hear what ephemera you like to include in your Project Life spreads!
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