handmade cards: mother’s day

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I love making handmade cards for my friends, but realized I don’t post very many here. Usually because I’m making them last minute and don’t think to photograph. I love to give handmade cards for a lot of reasons.
  1. It is such a personal touch. I love receiving cards, but opening a handmade card makes me feel so loved. I know that person spent a bit of their time and love to make me something!
  2. It’s a bit of creative time for me!
  3. I get to use supplies and color schemes I wouldn’t normally use in my scrapbooking and Project Life albums. Namely, pink. :)
  4. Since I have a giant stash of papercrafting supplies, it’s a lot easier than running out to the store to get one!
  5. It is super affordable if you have the supplies. Cards are crazy expensive these days!
What I don’t love about making handmade cards is that they can be time consuming. So I tend to keep them very simple. I thought I’d make this a regular feature in hopes it might inspire you to give it a try – with a few basic steps it is really easy to make something special for someone you love! 

Today I’m sharing the quick Mother’s Day cards I made last week. Hopefully the recipients have received them by now. :) I made a card for my mom, my sisters, and my sister-in-law this year. I kept it super simple by using a common structure for all of them.
I set up my stamp to read “mother’s day” and used my favorite Martha Stewart labels (from Staples). I found the word “happy” on a variety of word sticker sheets, then on a base of some fun washi tapes, I added them in with some other extra special bits. It was super quick, but hopefully shows them all how much they mean to me!!
It was a lot of fun to play with a card layout by using such different styles of product and color schemes! I love how each one has so much character!

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