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Friday, February 28, 2014

We have been exploring some new board games. And playing some with friends.
We enjoyed our annual two weeks of love notes. I used Project Life journaling cards again. A mini album is in the works!

Trung has been cooking up a storm. There are some major benefits to having a husband who works from home (who also loves to cook).
We’ve also enjoyed some lovely meals out, some with friends. Including two trips to our most favorite Vietnamese restaurant.
I finished a project a year in the making!

This one pretty much just went to the dog park or slept. I think the excessive dog park visits may have had something to do with all the sleeping.
Trader Joes finally opened in Denver, so of course we made a trip!

We’ve been reading lots (at least Logan and I have) like usual. He’s been reading some chapter books on his own. But before bed every night, he likes to “book light read” and one of his Calvin and Hobbes books is ALWAYS the winner.
Trung has been up to some big things. Volocity Engineering is officially open for business! So proud of him!!

We built a giant fort that took up our entire family room then vegged in it together one afternoon.
We had a GREAT Valentine’s Day. My boys spoiled me. In fact, Logan might have said to Trung “Mommy is so spoiled!” That night we went to a fun benefit called Hearts of All Ages. A fun event of magicians, balloon animals and some fun treats.
I picked up this guy from school twice this month, which is a BIG deal for me. So happy about that and definitely going to do my best to be consistent about it. The second time I surprised him - he didn't know I'd be there instead of Daddy. We drove in the driveway at home after and he proclaimed, "Mommy, this is the first time you have been home at 4:03. I am usually missing you at 4:03." Melt.

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