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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Last year about this time, I posted about my renewed love of reading. It had been a few years since I picked up a book, and I attacked that hobby again with voracity. In fact, it’s eaten a bit into my crafting time. :)
I often have multiple books going at one time between my Audible app and my Kindle. According to Goodreads, I read 84 books last year (!!). That to me, is crazy. Admittedly, there are a few books last year that I read that never even made it to my Goodreads account, so I know that number is low. Yikes!

I read a bunch more since my last post, including another book that rocked my world – Making Faces by Amy Harmon. This book admittedly started out a bit slow. At first it felt like the backstory was taking over the main story – the transition from “then” to “now” happening very late in the book. However, now that I’ve finished this book (which made me cry while on a road trip, thank you very much), I’m so glad the backstory was written the way it was – definitely helped the rest of the story feel authentic. I’m madly in love with Ambrose, Fern AND Bailey.
Although it is probably rare that anyone endeavors to read less for a New Year’s resolution, I guess my goal is to continue focusing on reading what I enjoy (instead of what I’m supposed to enjoy), while also balancing it with being a “present” mom and my other hobbies and activities (including maybe a little writing of my own)!

Two books I read last year are definitely in my top 5 favorite books ever – The Fault in Our Stars and The Sea of Tranquility. Definitely recommend both to everyone. I’m not sure if it makes a difference that both were audiobooks for me – but they were in fact quite well performed, so if you like audiobooks, even better! So I’m curious – what was your favorite read in 2013?

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