around here: theJanuary edition

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Around here, we are not complaining about the weather. Not one bit.

Around here, we sure are enjoying having Daddy around on the weekends again. And hoping his new work schedule continues that way.
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Around here, I’m thinking about doing Project Life a little bit differently this year. And working on wrapping up my 2013 albums.

Around here, we’ve been knee deep in home improvements. New hardwoods on the main floor and a complete gut of the powder room in one month makes for a messy home. Finally getting settled back in. And wondering what took us so long to get started?

Around here, we started reading The One and Only Ivan together.

Around here, work has been a bit overwhelming, sickness has hanging out for far too long, and I’ve found myself falling into my annual winter cabin fever/hiding away/creative funk. Working on that.

Around here, we have Bronco fever.

Around here, I started reading this, and immediately we instituted one uninterrupted hour a day where we are all completely “device-free.” No game playing, no blog checking, no Facebooking, or texting. Considering we own and use frequently two cell phones, two iPods, one iPad, one Kindle, one DS and two laptops, that is a pretty big step for us.
2014-01-20 07.02.55_thumb

Around here, I’ve been appreciating the sunrises. I often find myself tempted to wake Logan up early to enjoy one, as I love hearing him admire them.

Around here, I’ve been writing. It’s been probably since high school since I’ve done much creative writing. Sad since at one point I was convinced I was going to be a writer someday. Not sure it will amount to much, but I have had this story dying to get out of me for about a year now, so I’m letting it happen.

Around here, we caught the end of this documentary by chance. And it touched me like nothing has EVER. And I cried. A lot. Working on making it count. Watch it. PLEASE.

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