“rack” 2013–part 2

Sunday, December 22, 2013

It’s been working so well this year to go at our own speed! Here’s an update of where we are so far!

#8 – Cookies for Logan’s School and Staff

I always give Logan’s teachers gifts at the holidays, but I thought this year we could bake some treats for all the staff and school. We made these cookies and used Heath chips instead, then dropped them off in the main office on Monday morning.



#9 – Donuts and Juice for the crew working on our floors

We had new hardwood floors installed in our house last weekend. They were supposed to install the Monday before, but due to the moisture content in the floor (which had been acclimating in our house for two weeks), they had to postpone. We were bummed! They rescheduled for Sunday, which was their only day available. I felt pretty bad the crew was giving up their Sunday (they had been working for 10 days straight, but did have two days off coming up). So while out that morning, Logan and I picked up a couple dozen donuts and some orange juice for them.

Project Create Something-02-2

#10 – Dollars at the Dollar Store

While out and about, we took four dollar bills to the Dollar Store and stashed them in some children’s books for someone to find, hoping it would be a little one!

Project Create Something-13Project Create Something-13-2

#11 – Toy Drive

Our annual favorite – we delivered a bunch of toys to the Care 4 Colorado Toy Drive. This year we did a bunch of board games (we stock up at the Black Friday sales!!). I love that we filled up the box to the top. :)

Project Create Something-30Project Create Something-29

#12 – $100 to a Stranger

My company is pretty amazing. Every year they give us each $100 cash to give to someone – the only rule is that it is a complete stranger that we give it to. Last year’s was AMAZING and I think I built up in my head that this year needed to be the same. We were nearing the deadline, so while running errands one evening after school we were determined to give it away. We went to a few places but didn’t see anyone we felt was worthy. Finally we went back to the grocery store where we had started our trip. We’d picked up cupcakes to give to Logan’s classmates in an early birthday celebration. The woman who worked at the bakery that gave them to us was super sweet when she gave them to us, talking to Logan about his birthday. She looked pretty worn out, as I’m sure she had been working long hours. We went back to King Soopers and stalked her through the store (I had to be sure it was her but I’m sure it was weird :)). Then we handed the money to her and said “Merry Christmas!” She was very gracious and thankful.

Project Create Something-17-2

#13&14 – Treats for the milkman and mailman.

We left some yummy peppermint chocolate popcorn mix for our milkman and mailman this week.

Project Create Something-18-3Project Create Something-18-2

#15 – Big Tipper

After a DELICIOUS and long lunch with our dear friends at this small family owned Brazilian restaurant, we decided to add to the standard 20% we left and dropped an extra $20 in the tip jar.

Project Create Something-29-2Project Create Something-33

#16 – Penny Horse

Our local grocery store chain has these awesome horse rides at checkout that have always been just a penny to ride. There have been times that I don’t have a penny on me and Logan wanted to ride. I think the reality of our credit card/debit card world these days is that there are probably lots of parents like me. So we gathered a ton of pennies from our piggy bank in a cute little bag and left them at our store’s horse! I have no idea what happened to the photo, but I think you get the idea. :)

#17 – Donation to Safe2Tell

I think most of you have heard the recent news about the Arapahoe High School shooting here in Colorado. You may have also heard that the victim, Claire Davis, passed away yesterday. This breaks my heart on so many levels, that I can’t even begin to describe. What her family must feel – what the kids in school that day must feel – what the parents of the gunman must feel. It’s all too much to even process. I work with someone who is the chairman of the board of an organization called Safe2Tell. Today, we donated to the program in Claire’s honor. I didn’t tell Logan why, only explained why it was a good organization. I hope you’ll visit their site to find out more about what they are doing to help protect our students.


#18 Coupon Drop

I had a few high dollar coupons for things I didn’t need (coffee, makeup, cheese, etc.) so while Logan and I were shopping, we dropped them by the products, hoping someone who needed the products could use them.

Project Create Something-50-2Project Create Something-48

#19 Neighbor Treats

We brought some fresh baked (and popped – some more of that peppermint chocolate popcorn) to our neighbors, including a new one that we haven’t met yet and a good friend in the neighborhood. Logan and Daisy did a good job helping.

Project Create Something-10

#20 Logan’s School

We tried to donate to Daisy and Supra’s puppy rescue, but sadly their site wasn’t working. So I logged onto Logan’s school website and went to their Donor Choose page. He picked this project from the school list, which I thought was pretty cool (even though it was probably only because of the teacher that was sponsoring the project). :)


Only five more to go, but also only three more days to go!

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