“rack” 2013 part 1

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last year, Logan and I embarked on a Christmas Advent adventure to do a random act of Christmas kindness (RACK) every day in December leading up to Christmas (Here’s part 1 and part 2). It was spurred by a comment he made to me on November 30 upon watching the Grinch – he insisted he was wrong and that Christmas really did come from a store.

I set out prove him wrong. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for me and I think Logan got something out of it too. I made a mini album recently documenting it that I’ll share with you soon.

Some days were MUCH easier than others. As a full time working mom, there were often nights that we’d finally make it home after work/school and not want to go back out to the December weather to do our RACK.

I learned from that, and decided that instead of making it an Advent activity, that we’d just endeavor to do 25 acts between December 1 and Christmas. That way we could do more on the weekends when we had time available!

Well, we are a week in, and tracking well! Granted, my definition of a random act of kindess is a bit vague – basically it is doing something nice and unexpected or service oriented for someone else.

Here were our first acts for 2013. I’ll update you next week with more!

#1 – Packs of Hope
This might be my favorite yet. I found this amazing program that gives foster children a backpack of essentials that is just for them – they get to take it with them as they travel between families and programs. The concept breaks my heart. Even more heart wrenching -  the program coordinator told me they need toddler and infant packs the most. Logan and I had fun shopping for the program. We decided on a one year old little girl and a two year old little boy. There were TONS of items on clearance at Target so this was an easy one. Next year I will remember to grab some backpacks in the after school clearance so we can afford to do even more packs! Find out more here.
Project Create Something-14Project Create Something-46
#2 – Stick it to Diabetes Sticker Drive
I’ve been a follower of the One Happy Mama blog FOREVER, and I was excited to hear about Kristina’s sweet daughter’s idea to collect stickers for her diabetes clinic. I mean seriously – a kid who wants to help others?  How can you NOT help??? We had fun picking up a few extra packs and also sorting through Logan’s collection. Then Logan made a little card to thank Caylin – LOVE. She is still collecting until the end of January if you want to help!
Project Create Something-16Project Create Something-06
#3 – Donations to Goodwill
We decided this weekend to do a massive clean of a lot of our closets and stuff (we are getting new hardwood floors on the main level, so some of it just happened while we moved stuff out. So our first stop today was to drop a bunch of stuff off to Goodwill.
Project Create Something-12
#4 – Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway
We did this last year too – we bought a $5 gift card at check out then handed it to someone walking in for a nice surprise. The woman we gave it to was funny – Logan walked right up to her on his own to give it to her, and she looked at it and said, “Is there anything on it?” – all confused. :)
Project Create Something-50Project Create Something-52
#5 – Laundromat Kindness
I got this idea from one of the sites I found on Pinterest. We gathered up some quarters as well as some laundry detergent and fabric softener samples I’ve received in the past few years (they were just sitting in a container gathering dust for some reason – guess I kept forgetting!). We stopped by a local laundromat and dropped them off with a note.
Project Create Something-35
#6 – Drive-Through Kindess
We also did this one last year and loved it. We picked up some lunch for Logan in a drive through today so we paid for the meal behind us. We made sure to leave the clerk one of our notes to give to the recipient!
Project Create Something-42Project Create Something-43
#7 – Shoveling for our Neighbor
We have a lot of nice older neighbors on our street. It snowed early this morning, and although many of them shoveled by the time we got home this afternoon, our next door neighbor did not. So Logan and I shoveled their walks and driveway when we did ours. He did a great job helping! At least until he got bored and decided to make snow angels. :)
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