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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another Hello Story page. A couple weeks ago, the prompt was the six word story.

There is a rumor that someone once challenged Hemingway to create a six word story. His story read, “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” It’s amazing to me what one can say about their life in six words. It’s also incredible to try to boil down your thoughts into six words. I had a great time coming up with this page and the title inspiration– I did some random searching on Pinterest for quotes about the sky and found this one. No idea who said it, but it worked perfectly with what I was trying to say about the photo. There is no doubt I will be using this story starter for more pages in the future!
2013 Paint the Sky
Mask by Splendid Fiins from Make a Mess v1
Kit is Amy Tangerine Sketchbook by American Crafts

My favorite part about the page is that the photo was taken with my phone in the park near our house. I'd been reading some posts on Becky Higgins' site about taking silhouette photos and tried it one night before we walked home from the park. LOVE it. Definitely a technique I'll be using again! With the artistic style of the photo I was inspired to go a little more artistic with the page.

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