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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sorry for the hiatus! My job suddenly got very busy and very stressful. Usually I find that being creative (hence my byline of something. anything. just create) helps me deal with that stress. Unfortunately the combination of stress and lack of time also resulted in zero inspiration. So I buried myself in my Kindle to deal instead, which works too. :)

So onto more fun topics! I have done a little creating, and even have some projects to share from before the chaos. I have also been somewhat keeping up on Project Life, so I have lots of updates to do! Today I wanted to share with you a gift I made for a dear childhood friend’s new little one. I made these months ago, but didn’t want to share until I actually got them in her hands, so we are a bit behind.

Baby Gifts (Project Create Something) (1 of 1)-3
I decorated a couple onesies (same technique as these here) and made some burp cloths from some cloth diapers and some fabric I had on hand. They were such fun gifts to give! I already have a photo of the cutie pie in one of the onesies, which absolutely made my day!!

Baby Gifts (Project Create Something) (1 of 3)
This time I found some cute colorful onesie packs on Amazon that worked perfectly! They were good quality and great colors. Here’s the pack I purchased for these, but there are lots of colorways to choose from!

Baby Gifts (Project Create Something) (2 of 3)Baby Gifts (Project Create Something) (3 of 3)

I couldn’t resist making that bird fabric into a cute little  tree. Love how it turned out!

I’ve made some burp cloths before for my cutie pie little nephew. I always start with flatfold cloth diapers that I buy in a big pack from Amazon. This time I used some organic ones I found. I cut them to the size I want (usually in half) and then add some soft fabrics to decorate them, but also add a softer spot for wiping baby’s face. This time I used some minky scraps from a baby blanket I made over the holidays, as well as some soft flannels. I love to use bias tape to make my life a little easier and add a little contrast. Pretty easy process – I’m a pretty basic sewist, so you know if I can wing it, you can!

Burp Cloths (Project Create Something) (2 of 2)Burp Cloths (Project Create Something) (1 of 2)

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