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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have a handful of classes (most self-paced ones) that I’ve signed up for recently that I just haven’t had time to complete. Case in point – the Layout A Day workshop last month that I made it like three days into! So when I saw that Ali was hosting a workshop at Big Picture Classes called “Hello Story”, I was torn. Ultimately I decided not to sign up and focus on finishing what I had already in my queue. It was a tough decision! Lucky for me, BPC had a giveaway before class started, and I was a lucky winner! So those other classes are back on the back burner again. :)
Hello Story
So glad that I am in this class, and so grateful to the lovely ladies at BPC for this wonderful prize! I’m savoring the workshop – it’s 3 months long, so it will be a big commitment. It’s taken me two weeks to get through the first week’s course material and get my layout done, but I loved every minute.

The first week focused on timelines, which is such a great idea for a layout and one I will DEFINITELY be revisiting! Here’s the page I made with quite a bit of inspiration from Ali’s course layout and some inspiration timelines she showed us. This is one of those pages that stewed in my brain for about a week before I finally had the time to sit down to make it. I have to brag that I made the template with all the circles and am SUPER proud of myself for it! :)

Credits: Kit by One Little Bird (Meadowlark) and “This Story” embellishment by Ali Edwards (Hello Story course material)

It worked out quite well that I put photos from our first year together in the smaller bits in the center. I don’t have originals of a lot of those photos (although I do have some negatives that are unorganized in a box somewhere) and I was that crazy scrapbooker that cut all my photos into wacky shapes back in the day. So the scans I had were poor resolution – smaller photos worked perfectly. I wanted to create this page to document that although there have been bumps on the way, we have recently rediscovered how in love we are. Definitely a gift to find after sixteen (seventeen now) years together.

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