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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I took the Good Life class by Amy Tangerine at Big Picture Classes over a year ago. It was without a doubt worth every penny, as I’ve used the reverse applique technique taught in the class probably a few dozen times since then.

Last week we went to a birthday celebration for two cutie pies – a three year old little guy (coolest Batman ever) and a one year old (sweetest Wonder Woman ever). I know how it is to have little ones that get inundated with gifts of toys, so I decided to make them each something and pair it with little books (and a little Batman for the little guy – I couldn’t resist). I picked up some cute little shirts for them and used a onesie from my gift stash to make these fun gifts.

Here are the ones for the one year old, Addie. I used some gray felt to add some detail to the “a”.
Reverse Applique Shirts (1 of 1)
Here’s the shirt for the little Batman, Flynn.
Reverse Applique Shirts (1 of 1)-2
I’ve started to grab plain tshirts and onesies when I see them on clearance to have for my stash for gifts. And goodness knows I have enough of a fabric stash to make just about any style!

I love to use this technique for gifts for my nephew and little items for Logan.

I’ve made sure that Logan has had a special birthday shirt to wear every year. This year was a little off since we had some kinks in our holiday plans. But by the time he had his third birthday celebration (long story) I had a shirt for him to wear. I used the same Batman fabric I used on Flynn’s shirt above!

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