Project Life: March 30-31

Monday, April 29, 2013

We had so many things crammed in over this weekend that I gave each day it’s own two page spread!

March 30 (Saturday)

We had an awesome day with Grandma and Grandpa – breakfast at a fun little restaurant, trip to the airplane museum (which was a big hit!) and and evening of bowling. So much fun!

All Things Vo Project Life-3788

Each Page:

All Things Vo Project Life-3789All Things Vo Project Life-3790

What’s Different:

A ton of photos this week, including some 4x6s made up of individual 4x3 photos (both orientations). I also used some Instax photos from the bowling alley. Not a lot of journaling – just one card to tell about our day. I used the back of the next page’s date/title card to mount the Instax photos – double duty!


All Things Vo Project Life-3791

March 31 (Sunday)

So much fun stuff for Easter Sunday that I actually included an insert! We had the egg hunt, dyed eggs (with my sister on Facetime joining us!), a bit of crafting, a trip to the park since it was a gorgeous day, and a delicious dinner!

All Things Vo Project Life-3792

All Things Vo Project Life-3796

Each Page:

All Things Vo Project Life-3793

All Things Vo Project Life-3794All Things Vo Project Life-3797

All Things Vo Project Life-3798

What’s different:

At our Easter dinner, we enjoyed some adorable placecards that Logan and my mom made earlier in the week (who knew Mom was so crafty?? :) ). So I stashed those in, as well as part of the paper towel from egg dying (just thought it was pretty!). I also included the clues from the Easter egg hunt the Easter Bunny left for Logan (with a cute binder clip from one of my Studio Calico kits) and some packaging from the special surprise they led to. The two spots with diagonal cardstock are placeholders for photos of Logan eating the rack of lamb (like a lollipop) we had for dinner and the board game Logan and Trung played that night – I don’t have them printed yet.


All Things Vo Project Life-3799-2

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