Quick Update on “I Choose” February

Monday, March 4, 2013

While I put together my goals for March, I thought I would put together a quick retrospective on February.
To Write Love Notes to My Boys
This has become a favorite tradition for the first two weeks of February. Last year I picked up three cute little metal mailboxes from the dollar section at Target and added some cute papers and our initials to them. We set them out the first of February and then leave each other love notes or other items until Valentine’s Day. I love how excited Logan gets when he sees the flag is up on his mailbox. :) I love how excited he gets to tell me my flag is up on my mailbox! Who am I kidding, I LOVE to see that flag up on my mailbox.
2013-03-03 15.55.452013-03-03 15.35.55
This year I used some extra Project Life journaling cards to make them a bit more consistent. I think I’ll make them into a little mini album kind of like this one. I’ll be sure to share here!
To Start Yoga Classes
I’ve started a weekly yoga class, which is harder and easier than I thought it would be. :) I’m enjoying it - not entirely convinced it is for me, but going to stick out the 10 class package I purchased before I make a final decision!
To Complete 20 Layouts
I did it!! I didn’t share them all on here - mainly because the last three I did were pretty mundane ones. One was a basic page with some school portraits (I put little journaling on these pages - just the photos and some embellishments). Also, I’ve been compiling the letters from these letters to my son onto pages, so I completed the last three last minute on February 27. You find the other pages here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here (that last one is my February “I Choose” Post). I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment. It was a fun mix of paper and digital pages. I can’t wait to get the digital pages printed!
2012 Us Three (LOAD Day 24)2007 Places You've Been (LOAD Day 6)Welcome Little One (LOAD Day 13)
Conversation with Logan at 5 (LOAD Day 25)KKBBQ (LOAD Day 22) So Totally Me (LOAD Day 23)
To Get to Bed by 10PM During the Week
This was probably my biggest fail! Something about trying to complete 20 layouts in a month kind of made this one impossible, since a majority of my crafty time is after Logan’s bedtime. :) But I did consciously make more of an effort. I think I need to continue to work on this one!
To Spend More Time Fostering Friendships
I’m not sure I made a conscious effort on this one, but I will say that I somehow managed to do quite well at it! We had lunch with friends on a couple occasions, I had lunch with some girlfriends on a couple occasions, and just hung out and talked with a girlfriend one night. We also had our annual Super Bowl “Nacho Potluck” party.
I have a big tendency to be a homebody - being at home with my boys is definitely my top choice for how to spend my time. But I also find I’m completely refreshed and happy after some time with good friends - I just need to do it more often to remember it so I don’t sink too deep into my homebody ways. It was a lot of fun to rekindle friendships that maybe haven’t had as much attention of late!

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