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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Dear Logan,
I know I keep saying it, but I’m blown away by how you can be such a big boy already. FIVE YEARS OLD??? How did that happen? I’m amazed that these last five years have flown by. We are so amazingly lucky to have you in our lives.

The last few months of 2012 were pretty cool. We started October with a vacation out to California to visit Auntie, Uncle and your cousin Duncan. We had an incredible time! We drove out to Monterey, where we rented a house for a few days. We had a beach day, a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and lots of walks along the coast exploring. Then we went back to San Francisco where we celebrated Duncan’s first birthday. It may have been one of our most favorite vacations ever!

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While we were there, your Ba Gouc got pretty sick and was put in the hospital. So when we got home, we went to visit her lots and Ong Noi and Ba Noi came out to visit. We tried to visit them every weekend. You were spoiled with lots of fried rice and sweet treats!
Halloween was pretty exciting this year! We carved pumpkins earlier in the week – you carved your very own (with a little knife help from Daddy). You had a parade and party at school (which I got to attend). Your Ironman costume was pretty warm, so you decided to wear your ninja costume from your dress-up box to school that day. You came home with a RIDICULOUS amount of candy! After dinner you and Daddy got dressed up (he went as Captain America!) and went trick or treating. You did some Ironman poses for me before you left. It was awesome! You got another huge bag of candy that night!
We ventured out bowling again in November and had a blast. You have the sweetest poses after you throw the ball!
2012-11-20 17.42.35
We managed to get a lot of crafts done in November, which was pretty awesome. You had a Thanksgiving dessert party at school, where you sang “Albuquerque the Turkey” (it was pretty awesome!) On Thanksgiving, we stayed at home and celebrated just the three of us. We stayed in our jammies ALL DAY. I was pretty thankful to be with my two best guys. You were apparently thankful for “LOVE!”
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We had your first kindergarten Parent/Teacher Conference in November, and of course your teacher raved about you. Ms. Michele has been so supportive of you and insisted that she would do anything to help us get you in first grade next year. You were off the charts on all your first trimester of goals and she gushed about how kind and thoughtful you were in class (which we already knew, but were happy to hear happened when we weren’t around!).
Haley came to visit us again in November, which you loved. You are so good with her! She absolutely adores you.
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When December rolled around, we started THREE different Advent activities counting down to Christmas. The first was the Lego calendar, which was pretty awesome. You were excited every morning to open your new figure. The second was our Christmas book Advent. I wrapped up all your Christmas books (including a few new ones!) and you opened one every night to read. It was so much fun!
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The third Advent activity was my favorite. You and I completed a “Random Act of Christmas Kindness” almost every day leading up to Christmas. Some days you weren’t too interested in doing anything, but most days you helped me think of something fun. I think we can both agree on our favorite RACK. My company had given me$100 to give to a stranger for a random act of kindness (seriously cool, right?). Our stranger was waiting in the parking lot at your school when I went to get you one night. She had obviously just rear ended a fancy car in her little beatup Corolla and they were waiting for the police. She sobbed when you gave the money to her, hugging both of us. AMAZING.
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We ventured out to the Parade of Lights downtown this year. I’m pretty sure your favorite part was taking Lightrail to get there and home again. It was a warm night, which was nice. You weren’t all that excited about the parade, so we left halfway through and got some dinner!
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In mid-December you had a Christmas party at your school that I was able to attend. You all sang Frosty the Snowman and then we did a craft and decorated snowman waffles. You had asked me if you could get your photo taken with Santa, and luckily he was at school for the party! You asked him for Skylanders, which was also what you asked for in your letter to him. He must have thought you were a good boy (of course!) because you got the game and some additional figures!
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Your Ba Gouc died in late December. She had been very sick. We were happy we’d been able to spend some time with her. There were services right after the holidays. Auntie, Uncle and Duncan came back over Christmas and stayed through those services. You were such an incredibly good boy during all of it. We were super proud!
We drove back to South Dakota the Saturday before Christmas and stayed at Kristen’s. We had a good time - we had our favorite Christmas Eve lunch at the Pizza Ranch buffet, had hot cocoa while we drove around looking at Christmas lights, played lots of games and opened LOTS of presents. We had to drive back for Ba Gouc’s service on our birthday, so we celebrated with everyone on Christmas evening. So you pretty much opened presents all day that day! You helped Kristen make cupcakes.
On the morning of your birthday, we went to Hy-Vee (Hee-Vee is how you say it) for breakfast with Kristen, Grandma and Grandpa. You got a Hy-Five all to yourself (pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon AND hash browns). It was your fifth birthday, so very fitting. Then we hit the road! You and I played in the backseat and watched a LOT of movies, which to you wasn’t the worst way to spend your birthday. That night, Auntie, Uncle and Duncan were waiting with a birthday cake. You opened presents from them and we ate pizza and cake.
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2012-12-26 10.34.32
We had another birthday celebration with your Ba Noi and Ong Noi on December 30. We had chicken stew that Ba Noi made for us, then ice cream cake! Ong Noi thought it was pretty cool when you blew out your candles.
New Year’s Eve was pretty quiet, as Auntie, Uncle, and Duncan flew back home that day. You and Daddy played some video games, and we had a mini celebration at 10PM before you went to bed. It’s been an incredible year with you, buddy. So excited to see what 2013 brings you!
You’ve gotten really great at math recently. I’m not sure where you are picking it up, since they aren’t that far in school yet. But you can add and subtract and even understand math when it comes to negative numbers. You love when I am shocked and amazed by your skills - and if I don’t respond appropriately excited you ask me why. :) It’s pretty cool. You are also super interested in science and pretty eager to do all the activities in the science kits you got over Christmas and your birthday. You are also pretty good at Battleship!

I can’t say enough how proud of you we are, buddy. You are pretty amazing with that impressive brain of yours, but equally amazing with how kind, generous and loving you are. You prefer to be with us whenever possible and love to snuggle. It warms my heart!

You are also full of fun and character. You make me laugh a million times every day! We have the best time together!
2012-10-08 15.37.10
Our lives are definitely richer with you in them.  Although I wish you’d slow down on the growing up, I’m having a blast watching you bloom and grow. I love you more than there are stars in the sky, buddy - more than anything else in the entire universe!

Love, Mommy

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