Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Part 2

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Admittedly, I got a little slack on the last half of our RACK as far as documenting on Instagram. But we thoroughly enjoyed the project, and can’t wait to do it again next Christmas.
Day 14: Best RACK yet. My company gave us each $100 to give to a stranger for a random act of kindness (seriously cool, right?). Tonight was our deadline and I still struggled finding just the right recipient. She was waiting in the parking lot at Logan's school when I went to get him. She had obviously just rear ended a fancy car in her little beatup Corolla and they were waiting for the police. She sobbed when we gave it to her, hugging both me and Logan. AMAZING.


Day 15: Loaded all the toys we have been collecting on random sales throughout the year and went Toys R Us, where Logan picked out some more toys to donate (using our Groupons). Then we loaded it all in the Toys for Tots bin. Feels good to help some kiddos, particularly this week.


Day 16: Yesterday was baking day in preparation for cookie exchange, so we made some extra that we packaged up for Trung's coworkers.


Day 17: This morning we packaged up some necessities for those that need it. I will hand them out as I am driving around to meetings today.


Day 18: The boys were on their own for dinner AND RACK. They stopped at their favorite pizza joint and left a twenty in the tip jar.


Day 19: Tonight he is making a beautiful heart to send to Newtown for our Random Act of Christmas Kindness. He only knew it was because some children got hurt, but he took it VERY seriously. My heart nearly burst.

Day 20: Today we delivered a couple gift cards (Target and ITunes) so two people that had been so kind to us!
Day 21: Logan and I went to Wendy’s for dinner before heading home to pack. We paid for the dinner of the lady behind us in the drive-through.

Day 24: We missed a couple days so today we worked to make that up.

2012-12-24 13.08.18

We went to lunch at a Pizza Ranch today with our family. It’s buffet style, and I’m guessing that the staff that clears the tables of plates don’t get many tips. Logan brought a $20 to the sweet young lady who was very attentive to our table. She looked confused and asked him what it was for. We said “For you! Merry Christmas!” and headed on our way. :)

2012-12-24 14.21.31

We were at the Dollar Store afterwards, so we tucked a dollar bill inside the cover of a children’s book in hopes a little one would enjoy it. Logan picked the Ariel book (OF COURSE). :)

Day 31: Realized that I missed a day in my calculation! So today Logan and I did another act of kindness to make up for it on New Year’s Eve. I had some store cash (from a purchase before the holidays - one of those things where you get $20 off any future purchase). I really didn’t need anything, and I’m in that overloaded stage after Christmas where I feel we need to purge, not purchase more. At first we walked into the store with the intention of using it, but I quickly decided that we’d give it to someone who looked like they could use it more. There was a sweet young woman (who looked barely 20) with a tiny baby in the Juniors section as we walked by. She was playing with the baby. Not sure what her situation was, but we handed her the certificates and headed on our way. She was very thankful and surprised!

This was such a rewarding activity that I’m definitely planning to continue it in the holiday season of 2013. I did realize that weekdays were tough, and the holidays are so busy. So I’m thinking rather than requiring it a daily activity this Christmas, we’ll instead plan to complete 24 acts between December 1 and December 24. We can choose to do all 24 on one day, or spread them out some. I think this will alleviate the stress during the week, and help us remember why it is so important to spread kindness
I’m planning to participate in #26acts as well, although I’m planning to do it in a far less regimented way to give us some flexibility in 2013. I’d love to hear if you are doing #26acts and what your activities are or were! Happy New Year!!

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