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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Warning, photo-heavy post of photos. Yes, that was intentional. There are lots of photos of photos ahead!

In late 2008, I was among many others that read about this concept of Project 365 in Creating Keepsakes. There was a kit being released that could be used to document your everyday life in a photo a day. I logged in early January 1 to purchase it, to find it had sold out within minutes. I was devastated! So following Becky’s blog, I managed to make my own Project 365 hack album, with some journaling card downloads and standard 4x6 slot page protectors. Loved the finished album. Got overwhelmed with the photo a day. But since I wasn’t doing much scrapbooking (Logan was little) I loved that our every day was documented. You can find more on my 2009 album in this post.
In 2010, I was crazy enough to try the photo a day system again. This time Becky had branched out and started her own company, so I was able to purchase the kit. Again, loved the product, stressed by the photo a day approach (why did it take me two years to figure out another solution???).

In 2011, I knew I couldn’t keep up with it, but I wanted to document our life in an annual system. So I purchased the “Monthly” templates from Cathy Zielske and tracked our months. You can see these digital pages here. Loved the results, the pages were easy to get done, and our album is super cute and compact. What’s the problem? No room for stuff. One of the reasons I love scrapbooking, particularly now that I’m a mom, is that I have always collected lots of “stuff” and there is a place for it to go and be preserved. Things like drawings from Logan and tickets and other mementos.
12 DecemberTitle12 December Collage
12 December Grid12 December Journaling
So in 2012, I decided to do the paper version of Project Life again. I’d watched Ali Edwards document her year in a different fashion. Each two day spread was a capture of her week, but not necessarily a photo a day. GENIUS! No more crazy daily photos and no more trying to figure out how to trim down to one photo to represent our day when we had special events. I bought the Project Life Clementine kit and got going. I finished our album this weekend. I should point out that there are still blank spots in our 2010 album. Oh well!

I have two volumes for 2012. Later this week I’ll share what worked for me this year, what didn’t, and what I plan to improve on in 2013 (Updated: You can find that here). Because yes, I’m crazy enough to do it again. :) I'm also planning to share more on the blog. Maybe every 2 weeks or every month? We'll see how it goes!
I am linking up this post to the Mom Creative Project Life Tuesday.
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Project Life is a memory keeping solution created by Becky Higgins. Visit the site here for more information.


  1. I'm on year 4...Crazy! But I love it and the kids love the albums too. I'm almost done with 2012. Finished printing off photos this weekend, just need to go back and add some journaling. Looking forward to seeing your plan for 2013. I'm thinking of "loosening up" my approach as well. I haven't had much trouble keeping up with taking a photo a day (especially with the addition of 2 iPhones in the house), but I do notice themes that repeat. (I call them my fallback photos - kids being goofy, airplane shots, etc.) I adore both Ali and Cathy's approach to PL.

    1. Britt - I know what you mean about photos that repeat. I can definitely see that in my 2010 and 2011 albums. Often the photos didn't tell our story, it was just a cute shot to check the box for the day. For me, changing to the week overview allowed me to get away from that. On week's that I might not have a lot of photos, I use a lot of things like receipts, tags from Logan's clothing (to show his size), packaging, mail, notes from school, etc., to show a little bit of our life, kind of like Ali. I love the result! Can't wait to hear what you decide to do for 2013. It's such an awesome project!


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