Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Friday, December 14, 2012

If you've been following my Instagram feed, you know that Logan and I have been working away on a new advent project this year. Thanks to some great inspiration on Pinterest, we decided to do a Random Act of Christmas Kindness every day until Christmas! It's been great fun, and super inspirational. I admit, the weekdays seem to be the most challenging. But it is so worth it. When Logan watched the Grinch on November 30 and looked at me at the end, insisting that the Grinch was wrong and that Christmas DID come from a store, I knew this was the right plan for us to get in the holiday spirit!

We are halfway there, so I thought I’d share what we've done so far!

Day 1: We bought a Starbucks gift card with our coffee, then went to sit outside on the patio (it was rather warm for December 1). When this cute family walked up to go into Starbucks, we gave them the gift card. So glad we did this first off so Logan could see the effect it had on our recipient. They were incredibly gracious and thankful (for a simple $5 gift card) and I seriously got tears in my eyes!

Day 2: Today we brought some cookies to the neighbor who has the crazy lights display that Logan loves to drive by.

Day 3: I asked Logan who he would like to help today and he said animals. So we got online and donated to our favorite puppy rescue, where we got Supra all those years ago. So today was for all the puppies in her loving memory. It’s been two years since we lost her and I still miss her every day!

Day 4: Some treats for our trash collectors today. Logan wars very concerned they wouldn't see them and they would go to the dump. :)

Day 5: Dinner at Jason's Deli (Logan's 2nd favorite). For our random act of kindness we left 100% tip.

Day 6: Tonight we collected books to donate to Denver Safe House. Logan's school is collecting used children’s books so we went through our stash.

Day 7: We forgot to take a photo! Logan’s school sells doughnuts every Friday morning so we bought an extra one for him to give to his teacher, Ms. Michele.

Day 8: ARACK on me! Logan and Trung schemed to have Logan but me coffee at Starbucks that morning via a gift card stashed in his coat pocket. :)

Day 9: Delivery of a couple dozen eggs (we get them delivered with our milk and had extra) to a friend who was baking cookies today. We may have benefitted from the cookies the next day. :)

Day 10: Delivery of some fresh muffins to all the teachers at Logan's school! (Horrible photo before sunrise - sorry!)

Day 11: Tonight we braved the cold and delivered some holiday breads to our neighbors!

Day 12: Today we left some treats for our mailman. (Weekend baking sure made the weekdays easier this week!)

Day 13: We left some treats for our milkman today!

There’s still time to do your own. I’m thinking the 12 days of Christmas Kindness would be perfect to start. :) If you need some ideas, I’ve been gathering some on both my Advent Calendars board and RAK board. I’d love to hear if you are doing a similar project!

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