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Saturday, October 27, 2012

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Dear Logan,

What an exciting few months we’ve had! Summer flew by like a flash, filled with lots of exciting adventures.
In July we had a family vacation to New Mexico. Grandma, Grandpa, Caleb, Faith, Kelly and Kristen all flew out and drove down with us. You had a blast getting spoiled rotten and going on lots of walks with Kristen. We went bowling, hiking, fishing, playing at the playground, bear watching (we saw a couple by our house!) and shopping. It was a great time!
You got your first real bike on the 4th of July and have been doing great learning to ride it. You lean heavily on the training wheels and get tired going uphill. But in the last months of summer, you got really good at riding and ride down the sidewalk like a maniac. I have to run to keep up with you! You have had a couple minor crashes, but nothing that scared you too much!
Over the summer, you and I started a new tradition. Daddy had kickball every Wednesday night, so most weeks we had date night together. Our favorite place was Jason’s Deli - I think because you could get an ice cream cone after. :) You would order chicken noodle soup and be done with it almost before I got my salad from the salad bar. I love that you love soup! Sometimes we’d stop by a park on our way home. We tried to visit many different parks this summer - Southmoor, George M. Wallace, Westlands, and of course Rosamond. You’ve learned how to hang upside down like a monkey, which makes me pretty nervous!
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We had your “Half” birthday party in August at Westlands Park and it was a hit! We had pirates there, they did face painting and a treasure hunt. It was a great mix of your friends from your old school and new school, as well as other friends like Garrison. It was an awesome adventure!
You had a “Swim Demo” at school this summer. Your entire class did a dance around the pool (which you did awesome at!) and then climbed in the pool. You got a little nervous then. Looks like we have to work a bit harder at swim lessons! Speaking of swim lessons, you took them at school over the summer. After that you started Soccer (August) and Cooking Classes (September). I love that you get to take some fun extracurricular activities at your new school! We enjoy picking out each month’s activity together.

And speaking of school, your first day of school was August 20. I really couldn’t have been prouder of you - you were so excited! This was truly the first day that I felt comfortable with our decision to move you to your new school. Your teachers are fantastic. Miss Michele says things about you like “amazing” and “never in my years of teaching.” She’s working to make sure you stay interested even though you are light years ahead of where you should be at this age. She is super sweet and we enjoy her a lot. You’ve started to ask for “just two more minutes” when I pick you up from school, which I consider progress. I love that you love your class!
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You’ve started homework at school, which you do such a great job on. And you are excited to do it! I am so proud of you, buddy. I hope you keep this excitement to learn! You’ve started spelling to me when you respond on question - like “G-R-A-P-E-S” when I ask what snack you want. It cracks me up!

You apparently have found the love of your life already. I hear constantly about Madison – sometimes you even call me Madison by accident! You talk about how you love her and she is your best friend. A couple times you’ve told us you are going to date her when you are a teenager and ask her to marry you (although you also talk about dating Ava). Your teachers tell me that at recess most days you and Madison can be found chatting under a tree somewhere. And if she is still there when I pick you up from school, you two are always playing together. It’s pretty sweet. Although I will say that your expression in this photo I snapped of you two is slightly stalkerish. :)
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Sometimes your intelligence makes it a bit difficult to negotiate with you. Every now and again we have to battle with you to eat dinner, or go to the store, or do anything you don’t want to do. You are too good at reasoning and make it very difficult for Mommy to convince you to cooperate sometimes. You can also be a bit sensitive and shy about certain things. Aside from the potty humor you find entertaining (boys!) you have a great sense of humor and entertain us constantly!!

Over the summer we decided to keep the TV completely turned off during the week - no morning cartoons or evening shows Monday through Friday. It’s proved to be good for your behavior, which I can only assume is because you are getting more attention from us. When it isn’t too hot (and it’s been a HOT summer!), we try to do activities outside like riding your bike and going to the playground, or even just tending to our garden. You like to pop the cherry tomatoes from our tomato plant in your mouth and hold them in your cheek for awhile before eating them. Silly!
Over Labor Day we went up to the mountains for Daddy’s friend Dominick’s wedding. We tried to go for a hike but got rained out! But the morning of the wedding we were able to head up to the wedding site early and it was a pretty day. We took a walk along the lake, where you threw a bazillion rocks in the water (your favorite). Then we went for a canoe ride! It was so cool!! You were super sweet at the wedding, although you weren’t too interested in dancing with us after. There was bribery required!
You and Daddy took up archery this summer, which is pretty awesome. He got you your own bows and arrows and the two of you practiced with the old TV box in the backyard - targets drawn on with chalk. You enjoyed it a lot. I was impressed with your patience and listening as Daddy was teaching you. You have done a great job!
We were dogsitting for Haley for a couple weeks in September. You are so funny with her - so stern in your instructions (“No, Haley!”) but you also were so sweet with her. We made the mistake of checking out puppies a couple times and you were begging for us to get one. We knew it would be hard with Haley and our upcoming vacations, so we couldn’t make it work. But it’s obvious you REALLY want a dog. So do I, buddy! Let’s hope that 2013 brings us a new puppy. :)
In late September, you and I went back to South Dakota to visit Grandma, Grandpa, Kelly, Kristen and Faith. Daddy stayed home with Haley. It was a short trip - just a 3 day weekend. But we had the best time! You were such a good boy on the flight and the visit! You visited Grandma and Grandpa’s house for the first time (not sure why, but we’ve never stopped there as we always go to Kristen’s in Sioux Falls!). Grandpa drove you around on the riding lawn mower and Grandma hauled you around in the wheelbarrow. We took you to see Grandpa’s shop for the first time, and you rolled around on a stool that I’m certain was the same one I scooted around on as a child. Then we treated you to lunch at Spink Café, where you shocked me by not liking the cheeseballs (you can’t be my child!). It was a fantastic trip!
We always have the best time when we are with you, buddy. It’s amazing what a caring, thoughtful, and intelligent little man you’ve grown to be. That rockin’ sense of humor is pretty awesome too. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2012 brings – I’m not ready for you to be five yet, but I can’t wait to see how you grow and change over the next few months. Love you more than anything else in the universe, buddy! (“Except for Daddy, right? Because you love us the same,”, you always respond.)

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