Logan - 4-1/2

Friday, September 7, 2012

A bit past due, but here it is!
Dear Loganator,
Wow, buddy. You are constantly amazing Daddy and me. We are so incredibly lucky to have you in our lives and are reminded of it every single day.

You find joy in just about every little thing you do. You are constantly doing a little dance or singing a little song, or laughing to yourself. Sometimes you just make me giggle with a goofy little facial expression. Sometimes I look at you and flash back some 14 years and I’m standing there with your cousin Caleb - you have this one facial expression you make that reminds me so much of him!
Your Ba Noi and Ong Noi were still in Denver for part of April, so we got to spend some time with them, including some visits they made to our house. You learned some more Vietnamese and charmed your grandma with it and your love for fried rice.
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You are so incredibly smart - reading level 3 readers (you love the superhero ones the best!). We go to the library every few weeks and pick out a bunch of books. We like to keep them in the car because you love to read them on the way to school and while we are out on errands! I love looking into the backseat and seeing your nose buried in a book!
2012-06-04 07.40.492012-04-14 10.09.582012-04-16 17.46.33
You know a lot of addition and even some subtraction and multiplication. Your spelling is pretty impressive, and you have all sorts of random knowledge about countries and animals you are interested in. Your writing is improving and you are starting to draw more recognizable figures. We are super proud of you, buddy. Sometimes your knowledge scares me a bit. :)

We upgraded your car seat to a booster, so you are officially a big boy! You can even unbuckle and buckle the straps sometimes. For awhile we left the old car seat in the living room and you used it as a lounge chair. :)
You love the warmer weather - and love our lawn sprinklers even more! You race around like a crazy maniac, sometimes pointing your bottom to the spray and yelling “My booty!!” It’s pretty entertaining, even though it inevitably means more laundry for me!
You are super brave at the playground, racing around and climbing everything in sight. You like to do something daring and then ask me “Am I making you nervous, Mommy?” You are pretty strong too. You learned how to hang upside down on the monkey bars and show off your new trick often.
2012-05-09 19.25.02
You love to explore the world around you, and bugs are no exception. You are currently a bit obsessed with picking up Roly-polys. :)
2012-04-23 18.54.08
Grandma came and stayed with us for a little in May and you guys had an awesome time playing together, baking together and . While Daddy and I were at work, you guys were taking lots of walks to places like the park and Whole Foods, blowing bubbles, making crafts like a castle and catapult, reading books, playing games and playing on Grandma’s Nook. We also took Grandma to the zoo and got to check out some of the new elephant exhibit!
IMG_68032012-05-18 17.47.44
While she was here, we released the butterflies we had raised from caterpillars. We had to coax most of them out of the container. The last one stayed for awhile, so Daddy placed it on your finger and you stared at it, amazed. I loved watching the joy and wonder in your eyes as you examined it. It was a pretty amazing moment!
You have a tendency to exaggerate, which is pretty funny. The other day at dinner you said to me, “This is the best sandwich on the whole entire world! I could eat 2,069 sandwiches every day!"

We did a hike in Silverthorne in June (in addition to seeing some friends!) to escape the heat in town. You did AWESOME! I’m so excited we get to share such great experiences with you. I will say you were a bit chatty on the hike. So much for enjoying the peacefulness of nature! :) You chattered on about bears, and lions, and what was that over there, and look at that rock… It was pretty funny!
2012-06-23 16.30.042012-06-23 15.32.58
We had a big school transition in June, which wasn’t as bad as I feared. You knew you were going to start kindergarten at this new school so you were pretty excited. The first week of dropoffs were surprisingly easy. You did start to act out at school a little bit according to your teacher, and you had some rougher dropoffs as the summer progressed. Lucky for us, there was a girl in your class that was a friend from your other school, so you made friends quickly. But when she was out on vacation for two weeks, things were a bit rougher. You complained a bit that you were bored at your new school. And I realized that you were a bit more timid than I would have anticipated when it came to getting in the pool for swimming lessons (there’s an outdoor pool at your new school!). I admit I was a bit worried that we’d made the right decision, but I wanted to wait to see what kindergarten would bring before we made any changes.

It’s been an busy few months, and you make our days even more exciting, buddy. We are so blessed to have such an incredible little guy to call our own. We are so proud of you, and honored to have you in our lives.

I love you more than there are stars in the sky, baby!!

Love, Mommy

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