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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Logan is only 4-1/2, but (forgive me for being the bragging mom here) is already reading years past his age level and is grasping some pretty impressive math skills. We’ve struggled keeping him interested in school while in programs with other kids his age.

He’s not eligible for kindergarten in the public school system since he doesn’t turn five until December. The preschool programs for our city and local area don’t offer before/after school care, and since Trung and I both work full-time, we couldn’t figure out how to make their 9-2PM schedule work with ours. We LOVE his previous Montessori daycare, but they didn’t have any advancement options and he was already showing signs of being bored.

So we decided to put him in a daycare program that has a private kindergarten class that he can start in. He may need to repeat kindergarten (I’ve heard you can talk some principals into letting them advance even if they are younger than the cutoff), but for now, this has been the best solution for us.

He started the school earlier in the summer to reserve his spot. He was in a Pre-K classroom with a nice enough teacher, but I didn’t feel like he was getting the challenge he needed and wondered if the change was a good one. Last Monday he started his kindergarten class with new teachers, and I am feeling a LOT better about our decision. I love his teachers and he is already blossoming. I’m super proud of this little guy.


It was funny to think the photos I took of him on his first day of kindergarten might be repeated next year but I couldn’t resist taking them anyway. My handsome boy was super excited for the first day (after some initial apprehension when first waking up that morning).

IMG_8023 (1024x683)

The school provides all the supplies, except for a backpack. We had fun picking out the perfect one.


I took him to school that morning by myself. I let him pick out the music in the car (he picked the Glee version of “We Are Young”. We agreed that he’d be sure to remember and share with me his favorite parts of his first day (although he negotiated that he’d only have to tell me half).

2012-08-20 07.52.11

When we walked in, we were greeted by his super friendly and energetic teacher, Ms. Michelle. I love her already! We put his backpack in his cubby and then were excited to find his nametag marking his spot on one of the classroom tables.


He sat down in his seat and hung out. His teacher suggested that he find some activity to work on (they have a bunch of bins of different “activity centers”) since class wasn’t going to start officially for about 30 minutes. But he just sat where he was with a big grin on his face and said goodbye without a trace of sadness.


I walked out thinking, “Wow, I didn’t even cry!” and then some tears threatened to fall. His excitement was infectious – it was hard to be sad about hitting this milestone when he was so obviously ready and happy about it.

He apparently had a super fantastic day. That night we celebrated with a trip to the park and Sonic (on his bike!). I am so proud of my little man!

IMG_8040 (1024x683)

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