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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom! I’m so excited to have her coming to visit later this week. We are going to have the best time! It’s hard living so far from her and the rest of my family. So the best Mother’s Day gift I can think of is to have her with us – maybe a few days late but I’ll take it. :)

Happy Mother’s Day also to my amazing sisters and sister-in-law! You are all wonderful examples of mothers to me and have taught me a ton in my journey as a mother. I can’t thank you enough!
The last two years I’ve made it a point on Mother’s Day to document the things I’ve learned as a mother – the silly, the frustrating, the wonderful. Now that I have a four year old, I’m excited to add some more to the list. The first 22 are my list from when Logan was 2, the next 11 were added when he was three.

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44 things I learned from my 4 year old:
  1. Sucking on a pacifier is a good way to stop talking long enough to fall asleep.
  2. Yogurt makes a yummy dessert.
  3. A coffee table (even a padded one) in front of a couch is asking for gymnastics and bumps and bruises.
  4. Trains do not make very good bedtime companions (ouch!).
  5. Ground in Play doh is difficult to get out of carpet.
  6. A dog is a mother's best friend at mealtime with a toddler.
  7. It's more fun getting places if you gallop like a horse.
  8. Bath time before bed is not relaxing.  It's a splash fest.
  9. Asking "do you have to use the toilet?" is a stupid question.  The answer is only "yes" when tucked in bed.
  10. The iPhone is an easy tool to get through dinner at a restaurant without annoying neighboring diners.  But good luck getting it back.
  11. It hurts to step on a Matchbox car.  A LOT.
  12. Apparently boogers and farts are funny to boys at any age.
  13. There really is no reason not to have a pickle with breakfast.
  14. Someday, you'll miss when he used to say "ladygub" instead of "ladybug".
  15. It's a good idea to match the color of the lunch you pack with the color of the shirt you are wearing (e.g. a red shirt if you are packing strawberries).
  16. Fleece inside a winter coat is warm, but it holds onto woodchips/mulch like superglue.
  17. Although it feels great to take a nap, the couple of hours of "me time" can be more refreshing.
  18. It's just as fun to smash sandcastles as it is to make them.
  19. Disney movies (and all other kid movies for that matter) can be pretty scary!
  20. Although it may result in more work for you, asking little ones to help with simple chores makes them happy and teaches them good lessons.  Who knew Logan would love to water plants (something I always forget to do!)
  21. Moms feel physical pain at the sound of their child's cry.  And sometimes at the sound of any other random child in an airplane or grocery store, particularly when she's away from her own child!
  22. Time speeds by so fast.  He won't be little forever.  Drink in every second of every day, every giggle, every smile, every word, and especially every hug and kiss.
  23. Don’t let daycare pressure you into potty-training before your child is ready.  All the books are right – you can’t force it until he is just ready.  Eight months of 2-3 sets of clothes a day is a hard way to learn.
  24. Spontaneous dance parties are AWESOME.
  25. Be conscious of how often you use a word before you ban it from your child’s vocabulary. (I’m threatened with timeout on a daily basis for saying the word “whatever”).
  26. Never stand in front of your male child while they are sitting on the toilet.  You WILL get peed on.
  27. Never stand with your face directly over your child’s head when they are standing.  They WILL jump and you will probably cry. (Took me two times to learn this one!).
  28. Don’t underestimate the fun a plastic hanger can provide while Mommy is showering.  It is a sword to fight off bad guys, a slide for imaginary miniature friends and the hook makes a good bow when armed with one of mommy's hairbands as an arrow.
    1. When taking a small child through airport security at a busy airport, send the stroller through the baggage scan first.  Then when you get to the other side you can strap him in and not worry about him wandering away while you gather the rest of your things.
    2. Care packages from aunties and grandmas should be opened AFTER dinner.  They inevitably contain dessert.
    3. Every child needs a collection.  Be thankful when it is rocks and not worms.
    4. Get over your mess anxiety and break out the washable paints already.
    5. Jump in every puddle you see.
    6. Stickers should be removed from clothing BEFORE you do the laundry. (P.S. Warned by my sisters but was reminded the hard way).
    7. It’s fun to blow the dandelion seeds, even if it makes Daddy mad. Just do it at the park where someone else has to deal with the aftermath.
    8. A real tent is not nearly as fun as a fort you build out of blankets and pillows.
    9. A child will eat almost any vegetable that is picked from a plant that he helped water and take care of.
    10. Keeping a pile of new library books in the car makes for a very peaceful drive to school.
    11. Never tell a four year old something that you don’t want the world to know.
    12. Silky pajamas make it more fun to slide down the stairs.
    13. A dandelion bouquet is as wonderful as a dozen roses when handed to you from a four year old.
    14. A trip to Chick-Fil-A followed by a stop at the bookstore, then a visit to the frozen yogurt place makes a perfectly lovely mid-week date.
    15. Always make sure your preschooler knows your favorite flower. You are guaranteed to get your favorite bouquet every trip he takes with Daddy to the grocery store.
    16. It’s never too late to read just one more chapter before bedtime!

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