Logan: 4-1/4

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Dear Logan,

I really could not be more proud of you, buddy. You are growing up to be such an incredibly sweet and smart guy with such a fun personality! As you get older, the changes from month to month aren’t as significant, but I still wanted to document your growth, so I decided to switch to writing these quarterly.
It’s been an exciting few months in your life. Your Ba Noi and Ong Noi (Daddy’s parents) came back to the States to visit us early in January. You’d never met them before and it has been about 5 years since we’ve seen them, so this was pretty big news! They’ll still be in Colorado through mid-April, and then are heading to spend time with Auntie and Uncle, just around the time I think you are really warming up to them. You were super shy at first, and hesitant to talk to them. We even went through a stage where you’d look at me and say “I don’t know what she is saying” when Ba Noi would speak to you in Vietnamese. It broke my heart because I really wanted you to build a bond with them. We don’t get to hear from them often and don’t get to see them on skype, so I know it was all very strange for you at first. But you wrapped Ba Noi around your finger quickly. She is always making you fried rice (your favorite) and giving you special treats to take home. They love you so much! They visited us at our house this weekend and you had fun showing off your room and toys to them. It was very sweet to see.
For a couple weeks in April, Auntie, Uncle and Duncan came to stay with us. Duncan was a little more self-sufficient on this visit, so you got some great bonding time in with Auntie. But you loved reading books to Duncan and playing with him. I caught you singing him Itsy Bitsy Spider one day at Co Ba’s - hand motions and everything. I was so proud and so caught by how gentle and loving you were with Duncan. You are such a great big cousin.
In school you’ve been studying some pretty cool stuff like ocean animals, volcanoes and dinosaurs, and you’ve been really interested in each of the topics. I’ve been learning too as you bring home fun facts. :) You’ve been trying to convince me you are nocturnal. When we get up at night or in the morning and it is dark, you tell me to take your hand so you can lead me since you are nocturnal. :)
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You are such a smart little guy. You are reading like a pro (level 3 readers for 2nd-3rd graders!) and adding very well. You even know some subtraction and multiplication! The other day you were watching a show and they were counting some “gold dubloons”. There were four sets of three and you turned to me and said “What’s three plus three plus three plus three?” I asked if you knew the answer and you said, “Six plus six! That’s twelve!” I was so impressed!! Sometimes you ask us a math question and when we turn it around to you, you get this thoughtful look on your face then blurt out the answer with excitement! You get pretty upset if you get it wrong and we have to correct you, but the truth is you are right most times. It’s so impressive! We want to do the best by you, so even though you aren’t eligible for kindergarten this fall, Daddy and I want to make sure to find something for you that will keep up your interest in learning. We are so very proud of you!
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You went through a phase after the time change where you were super upset when I came to pick you up from school. It was so frustrating to be so happy to see you at the end of the day only to be greeted by tears and you running away. We had a couple talks about using your words instead of your tears and you seem to be better at it. I know it’s hard to tear yourself away from playing with your friends. So lately you’ve been asking very nicely if you can play for a few more minutes while I get your stuff together. Usually by the time I’m ready to go, you are super excited to leave and the happy boy I know and love. I think part of it is the lack of a nap in the afternoon. There have been a few evenings that you’ll fall asleep on the way home and then be super grumpy when we get home and wake you up. But you’ve also been sleeping better and in your own bed, so we don’t want to go back to naps (since they mean taking forever to fall asleep and waking up in the middle of the night to come to our bed).
Speaking of sleep, you’ve started getting up at the crack of dawn on the weekends again. This is particularly frustrating since during the week I’m often shaking you awake at 6:30 since you are reluctant to get up. Two weekends in row you’ve gotten up between 5-6:15 on the weekends. I could do without that!!
Another big change lately is that you seem to favor Daddy more than me, or at least your favor is more balanced these days. It used to be that you’d argue over and over again to have me lay down with you at night. You insisted it was my turn every single night, even though we always reminded you that Daddy and I take turns. Now you say that I can lay down with you on Mondays because it starts with “M” and Daddy gets to lay down with you every other day because every day has a “D” in it. It’s pretty funny. I think Daddy is pretty proud that you like to be with him so much and aren’t such a mama’s boy! I don’t mind so much, as long as I still get my hugs and kisses!
You are still pretty obsessed with music, and your tastes are evolving. You aren’t so much interested in Glee anymore, but you absolutely love Adele still (Set Fire to the Rain is your new favorite). You also recently learned the words to Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash, which is awesome (I taped you singing it - too cute!!). You love to play Dance Central 2, and some of the crazy dance songs on there have also become your favorites, including “The Club Can’t Even Handle Me” and “Fire Burning”.
You are super gentle and sweet and loving, and it absolutely warms my heart. You are also super silly and keep us giggling all the time. Being your mom is the coolest job around. Your teachers adore you (Ms. Maria even openly admits you are her favorite), and our friends rave at how sweet you are. So it isn’t just our bias as your parents - you are one super cool kid and we are lucky to have you!

I love you more than there are stars in the sky, buddy!


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