logan: 48 months

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Logan, this month:

You are:

  • So excited it is December! You woke up cheering “It’s December, it’s December!” on December 1st! You have a lot to be excited about in December – Christmas AND your birthday!
  • Convinced you will be 40 pounds and 4 feet tall when you turn four. Not quite. But you were just shy of 40 pounds and are 40 inches tall at four!
  • Super cuddly and I LOVE IT!

You say:

  • “Is that REALLY the truth, Mom?” (suspiciously!)
  • “Doody section”. Yep, no idea there.
  • “Budget” and giggle uncontrollably as if it is a potty word.

You made:

  • A lot of fun out of a roll of bubble wrap when we laid it out on the floor like a runway. :)
  • TONS of crafts when Kristen was in town visiting! And ornaments for everyone for Christmas!
  • Me super proud when you helped us pick out the toys and take them for donation before the holidays. You have such a kind heart, buddy.

You, quoted:

  • “I hate Best Buy! You can only buy things that are like fifty bucks!”
  • “Daddy, have you ever heard of a bed dreidel? It’s a bed that is shaped like a dreidel that spins and spins!”
  • “Nuttin’ means coal, right Mama?” When listening to I’m getting nuttin’ for Christmas.

I can’t believe you are four already, baby. The other day you told me you didn’t want to be a real hockey player anymore (what you said you wanted to be when you grew up). When I asked what you wanted to be, you said, “Your baby, Mommy. I want to be little forever.” You will ALWAYS be my baby, little man. I could not be more proud or adoring of you. You have made this crazy thing called motherhood the greatest adventure of my life. Every day is more special and a LOT more fun with you in our lives. You bring us immense joy and overwhelm us with love.

Love you more than there are stars in the sky, buddy!

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