logan: 47 months

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Logan, this month:

You are:

  • Wolverine for Halloween! Too bad you upchucked and didn’t much feel like Trick or Treating!
  • Obsessed with the Aristocats movie. You are particularly fond of Marie. Of course. :) You also enjoyed watching Pocahontas for the first time this month!
  • A hockey fan! We went to see the Avalanche and you had a great time. You got a lottery ticket from the blimp that flies over and won forty bucks!
  • A Lego maniac! Every single day I drop you off at school, you pull out the Legos first thing and ask me to work with you for awhile.
  • The best big cousin to Duncan. You sang him lots of songs while we were visiting and held him for a little like a big boy!

You say:

  • “Lame!” when I sing you a song. Yep, don’t like that one!
  • “But I like to be cold!” when I ask you to put your coat on.

You made:

  • Me super proud when you were so patient while we were delayed at the airport headed to see Auntie and Uncle. :)
  • Me put a little mark (in marker, of varying shapes) on your hand every day when I drop you off so when you look at it you know I’m thinking of you!

You, quoted:

  • While having a tickle fight (super serious) “Guys, the more you make me laugh the sooner I’ll turn into the Joker!”
  • When we got on our plane to head to San Fran, I told you that we were flying on the plane with the antelope. You replied “Does it give us cantaloupe?”

Love you more than there are stars in the sky, buddy!

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