logan: 46 months

Monday, October 31, 2011


(photo courtesy Kate Kintzel Photography)

Logan, this month:

You are:

  • Officially a “rester” instead of a napper! Sometimes you fall asleep in the car on the way home (which means disaster) but usually you do pretty well. You crash fast at bedtime and mostly sleep through the night!
  • A big negotiator. I tell you it is time for bed and you say sweetly, “how about just two more hours?”
  • So tall! I’m not sure when it happened but you seemed to have sprouted overnight. Some of the 4T clothes I get for you almost look like they will be too small soon!
  • You weigh just under 40 pounds. And you eat A LOT.

You say:

  • Taunting things in a sing-song voice. Like “you can’t find me!” in a tone of “na na na boo boo!”
  • “Woo” when you see the word “wow.” As in “Next time, we should go to Woo, Mommy!” (Wow is a store next to IKEA)
  • Words like “puke” and “vagina” and then giggle madly. We are working on that.
  • Again, again, again! When you want us to do something over and over!

You made:

  • A boy list of boys you like and girl list of girls you like.  Mommy isn’t always on the girl list. Not too keen about that.
  • A Mater lego kit with little help from Dad. You did a great job following the instructions!

You learned:

  • All about the solar system.  Like that Jupiter is so big all the other planets could fit inside. And that if there was a bathtub big enough to place Saturn in, Saturn would float!
  • More reading skills. Last week you read one of the 2 series reading books. The only word we had to help you with was “Metropolis”.

You, quoted:

  • When asked if you wanted to see the pics Kate took of us, you answered, “No, I only want to see pictures of Duncan!”

Love you more than there are stars in the sky, buddy! (By the way, when I say this to you, you always whisper in my ear “Love you more than Daddy!”. Secretly, I don’t blame you. :)

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