Logan: 45 months

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Logan, this month you are:
You are:
  • Taking less naps, but then sleeping through the night. Thinking it is time to lose the naps!
  • Super shy when introduced to new people.  Or just new for that day – you hide behind me every day going into school.
  • All about girls.  At night, when you say you are sad and I tell you to think of something that makes you happy, you say you are going to thinking of Auntie, Ha, Beda and Faith.  Those are your girls.
  • Very curious about what foods are healthy. The other morning you refused my offer of a PB&J by saying, “Uh, sugar!” with your head cocked to one side as if to say “Duh, Mom!”  You sometimes will check “the facts” on the side of containers to see if something is healthy!
You say:
  • A few things wrong and I refuse to correct you because they are cute:
    • Mommy, is this worther more?
    • Ready, setty, go!
    • Constructions instead of instructions
    • Key-acters instead of characters
  • “School is boring.”  Sigh.  Seriously?  You are three!!!
  • Uh HUH! (With lots of emphasis on the "huh!")
You learned:
  • So much more in reading and it blows me away. Today, without assistance, you sentence the phrase “Canada touches three oceans – the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Pacific.”  I mean seriously, kid.  Did anyone tell you you are only three?
Your favorites:
  • The Pioneer Woman cooking show.  I love that!  Not sure if it is the cooking, the ranch scenes, the kids or the hostess with red hair (you have things for redheads!).
  • Yogurt in any shape or form. You eat three a day!
  • Your “fortress”.  We threw a quilt over the couch in the front room and you love to hang out in there (particularly if we join you) with your stuffed animals and the lantern that Grandma and Grandpa sent you.
You, quoted:
"No! I want soup! Daddy never let's me get anything healthy!" (when Daddy asked you if you wanted to get pizza for lunch.”

Love you more than there are stars in the sky, buddy!
Love, Mommy

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