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Friday, September 2, 2011

I’ve been participating in the MotherLOAD class at Big Picture – it’s a class by Lain Ehmann that ends with 26 days of layouts (LOAD stands for Layout a Day).  My goal is to kickstart my scrapbooking a big and get more pages done.  This hobby of mine is rewarding to me in so many ways.  I’ve always loved projects that have a distinct end to them.  I love that burst of accomplishment and pride.  And every page serves as that project to me. But the best part, more than most other craft projects, is that I also get a memory recorded and build a wonderful book of pages to enjoy for years.  I love looking back through my scrapbooks.

Well the layout a day portion of the class started at a rather inconvenient time – Trung is out of town on a motorcycle trip for the next four days.  But I managed to get my two pages done for yesterday and today, so I’m rather proud of myself!  They are simple pages, but it feels good to document them.  And after a rough day it feels great to get this accomplished!

Day 1 Prompt – Document a Goal

061011 Present

Word art by Ali Edwards.

Day 2 Prompt – The last time you laughed.

Quirks and Quotes 2011

Template by Cathy Zielske.  Patterned Papers by Cosmo Cricket.  Solid Paper from the sociologie kit by Paislee Press

Here’s hoping I keep it up this month!!

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