Logan–44 Months

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Logan, this month:

You are:

  • Singing all the time.  The other day when we left Whole Foods you sang the song that was on in the store for like 5 minutes (“Pumped Up Kicks”)
  • Pretty clingy at dropoff again.  It’s sure hard to leave you when you are begging me to stay!

You are interested in:

  • Adele and her music. Obsessed may be more like it. Your favorite song is “Boomer Has It” (aka, Rumor Has It) and you demand it nearly every morning in the car. This morning you were asking me questions like where Adele lives, what her house looks like, etc.
  • Wearing plain white t-shirts everyday.  Daddy wears one under his dress shirts and you like that you are just like him.
  • Playing in the pool every day!

You say:

  • I don’t know.  It’s your deal! (When you want us to choose something).
  • Is that soooooo??????
  • It’s a bird! It’s a airplane! It’s Superman!!

You made:

  • The coolest picture of our family plus Auntie, Uncle and Baby Duncan under a rainbow. We won’t go into Uncle’s giant head. :)
  • A super bunny costume from your cape and bunny ears.  You wore it around the house a lot.  When show and share day came around, you decided to only bring the bunny ears, because “we only bring one thing to show and share, Mom.”

You learned:

  • How to count to a million!  OK, so you count to a hundred, then count by hundreds (one hundred, two hundred…) up to 900, then announce “A million!!”.  It’s pretty cute.
  • Even more addition problems.  We’ve started to work with you on flashcards.
  • Your colors in Vietnamese, thanks to Auntie!!

Your favorites:

  • Listening to Adele – every day you ask to listen to “Rolling in the Deep” and “Boomer Has It” (aka Rumor Has It). You won’t let me sing the lyrics – only the backup.

You, quoted:

  • “Did you know the people in these houses like rock music? So turn it up!” (while driving and listening to who else – Adele!)

Love you more than there are stars in the sky, buddy!!

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