Logan–42 Months

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I’m catching up on these – and I decided making my process simpler will make it easier for me to finish every month! Here’s last month’s.


Logan, this month:

You are very interested in:

  • Being healthy so you can grow strong and get excited when you weigh more on the scale.

You say:

  • Constructions (instead of instructions for a game)
  • Smell my breath!
  • I’m a little shy!
  • I’m a little scared. Can I hold your hand? (at bedtime)

You made:

  • Lots of pictures, including some of our family and some of a bunch of lines of colors that you say is the “Doodle Jump” game.
  • A couple books!  We made one together – you were the illustrator and the author – I just wrote the words you say.

Your favorites:

  • Board and Card Games (Uno, Candyland, Ladybug Game)
  • Dancing! You make up crazy names for the dances too.  My favorites are “W-arms” and “robot”. You love to play dance video games

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