Logan–40 Months

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear coolest kid on the planet,
Have I told you I loved you?  Or kissed those adorable cheeks today?  Oh, yeah.  Probably only a few dozen times.  You are too much, buddy.  Every day is literally an adventure with you!  You are quite a “key-yecter” (your way of pronouncing the word “character”)!

You’ve started reading!  Yes, that is right.  My little guy is reading.  We picked you up some early reader books and you are blowing me away. We read 2-3 of them every day and you are so good at them!  I’m pretty sure there’s no way we could be even more proud of you.  You are so patient and proud when it comes to reading.  OK, so on occasion you do try to convince me it is my turn to read. :) But you don’t argue when I ask you to just sound it out!

You are such a super loving guy and even though you and Daddy wrestle on almost a daily basis (more on that soon) you let me give you tons of kisses and snuggle me when I need you.  You offer to rub my back when you are laying down with me and ALWAYS say “I love you too!” after I tell you how much I love you.  It’s awesome!
Your vocabulary is pretty awesome.  There are some crazy profound things that come out of your mouth.  But it seems you are getting more self conscious lately, which makes me a little sad.  Sometimes when I giggle when you say something you tell me not to tell Daddy.  You are always smiley and giggly when you say it, but I can tell you’d prefer we didn’t recap your silly comments! Sometimes I have to sneak Daddy a text of the crazy things you say just so you won’t hear me tell him!

We had such a great trip to San Francisco this month to see Auntie and Uncle.  You are so excited about the idea of your new baby cousin coming!  We are thrilled too.  You always ask when your baby cousin is going to be here (It tell you that he or she will be born around Halloween and we talk about when that is compared to now and your birthday.  I really wish you had family close by to grow up with.  Sometimes it breaks my heart to think you’ll miss out on that experience.

While we were in San Fran you became obsessed with playing Mario Kart with Auntie and Uncle!  We’ve been playing a few nights a week with you and you love to just hold your own steering wheel and help us jump. :)  Oddly you know all the track names – so much more than I do!  It’s so funny to be playing with you and hear you complain “awww, Old School AGAIN?”  It makes me giggle every time!

You’ve been hesitant about going to school lately.  There was one day before vacation that you cried and cried when Daddy left you.  I’m not sure what was going on but thankfully I think we are just about out of this phase.  Atticus, a five year old, is one of your very best friends.  He’s there almost every day before you and always willing to play superheroes with you.  So it makes it a little easier to convince you to stay when we drop you off.  Thank goodness – it breaks my heart when you ask to come with me instead of staying!
After a week of crazy wrestling with Daddy every night, we got some feedback from your teachers that you and some other kids were roughhousing and getting too wound up in class.  You had to sit out of some activities a couple times.  Then the other night you and three other kids were caught throwing rocks at cars from the playground (scary, considering you have a pretty good arm!).  We’ve had a few talks since then and cut out the wrestling and you seem to be back to normal.  Let’s hope it was just a little phase!

We are so lucky to have such a good natured little guy.  I noticed recently while with some friends that a little tantrum you threw was incredibly odd to witness.  I think you were just reacting the same way as the other child was, but it was so weird to see you whine and cry over getting your way.  We are so spoiled to have such a hapy little guy who doesn’t throw the typical toddler tantrums.  I am sure a lot of it has to do with your ability to verbalize what is wrong instead.  It’s pretty awesome.

You are such a sweet little guy (you conned Daddy into buying me roses earlier this week) but also so much fun!  We love you more than there are stars in the sky, Buddy!

Love, Mommy

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