Logan – 41 months

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hey, little man. I’m sorry I might have been grumpier than usual this month. It’s been a challenging month for me for various reasons, and I hate that I took it out on you sometimes – that we argued when we didn’t need to and I wasn’t as understanding as I should be. I know that no mom is perfect, but you deserve better. Things are looking calmer these days, so I’m working on snuggling you more and listening and soothing you more. You sure do try your best to be a good boy and I appreciate that a ton! You are so polite and giving. You’ll share anything with me – sometimes even forcefully (Mom, try this grapefruit! It’s good!). :) And you are doing so good at saying please and thank you (although often any please is followed by “didn’t I ask so nicely?”). And you even call me ma’am sometimes! Super cute. I really couldn’t be luckier – I’ve got the best family in the world.
Speaking of being a good boy, you were the best travel companion this month. Just you and I flew back to South Dakota for Faith and Caleb’s graduations. It was our first trip without Daddy, and only your third airplane trip ever(although you don’t remember your first because you were only 3 months old!). You made it so easy on me. In fact, if I hadn’t been so foolish to schedule our return trip during nap time (and even then it wasn’t so bad) it would have been too easy! On the trip out you were a perfect companion (I won’t mention your demand for privacy in the airport bathroom stall). Almost better than Daddy (ha!). :) We had such a great time on the trip. I really wish you lived closer to family. You get so heart-broken when we leave everyone! In fact I think that was part of the reason you had a bit of a rough time on the return trip. But that was my fault for booking a flight at naptime!
We had your parent-teacher conference this month too and I couldn’t be prouder of you. You are excelling in everything. We are working on your handwriting, since that needs some work (or motivation!) but really even that is advanced for your age. You are such a smart little guy. It blows my mind every day!
We have this new game we play every day that cracks you up. You came home a few weeks ago insisting that your teacher, Ms. Tori, told you that you shouldn’t see mommies kissing daddies. You were pretty adament that first night. Now you just smile and point out you shouldn’t see it. We might kiss a few more times in front of you just to make it funnier. :) The other night you told Daddy not to kiss me because it was taking my breath. Daddy of course thought that was awesome and reminds us of it every night.
We are in this in between stage with you on naptime. You still seem to desperately need it (you are SOOOO grumpy at night when you don’t get one!) but you don’t want to take one. We are trying to figure out if an earlier bedtime and no nap is the solution. You still climb in our bed in the middle of the night – sometimes pushing Daddy out. We need to work on that too!
You are so obsessed with Ariel from Little Mermaid and Princess Peach from Mario Kart that it cracks me up! I’m not sure why you always pick the princesses. Tonight at Target you saw a display of the Disney princess dolls and you stood there for like 5 minutes staring at it. Then you decided that the Ariel doll didn’t look like her and left. :) Auntie Kelly took you to a bookstore to pick out anything you wanted and you got an Ariel book. The airport incident I mentioned above on our return flight is because you thought the new Princess Peach car Auntie Kelly got you would be scared to go through the conveyor at the security checkpoint. And it was a disaster when you left your Ariel Pez dispenser in your cubby at school the other night (lack of nap that day didn’t help). I’m not sure why you are so suddenly attached to a Pez dispenser. Good thing Auntie Kristen got it for you because I am not sure what happened to the old (as in 1994) Ariel magnet you carried around disappeared to! Daddy says it is because you have a way with the ladies. :)
This month when Daddy turned on the lawn sprinklers for the season, you discovered the joy of running through them. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you that ecstatic (that is the picture above)! You were laughing HYSTERICALLY! I love that you can find such joy in the every day. It inspires me to work harder at it myself!
I know I say it every month, but it is so true that I am so incredibly blessed to have you. I love you more than there are stars in the sky, buddy. We are going to have the best summer ever – I can’t wait!
Lots of Love,

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