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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Logan and I were discussing the fact that I needed to get him sandals for school soon, since he has grown out of the ones from last year.  I prefer to send him in good sandals in the spring and summer - am I the only parent who has a child who dumps a bunch of wood chips/mulch on my floor when he takes off his shoes?  Sigh.

M: I’ll try to find you some sandals this week, buddy.

L: Yeah, you should look at the store.

M: Yep, I’ll go to the store to find you some new sandals to wear.

L: Mommy, you should find some on clearnance (spelling intentional).

M: What, baby?

L: You should look for some sandals for me on clearnance.

We think alike, my son and I. :)

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