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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We are those parents.  You know, the ones that lay down with their kids to get them to go to sleep?  No, he doesn't sleep in our bed (although he has been known to climb in most mornings at about 4AM), but we lay with him at bedtime to get him to go to sleep. 

I blame it on the terrible plan to get him out of the crib at 18months old (he wouldn't sleep through the night anymore) and everything went downhill from there.  Basically I have no idea how to get him to stay in bed and not just turn on the light and read books or play.  Any ideas would be appreciated. :)

I had a plan when he was 2 to stop but then my husband (who is non-sentimental, so it was even worse) pointed out how sad I'll be when Logan is old enough to not want me to lay with him at bedtime.  I stopped complaining.

Anyway, so we lay on the floor next to his bed (which is a mattress on the floor for now) each night and pull the blanket over our heads (we swap nights) and mess around on the phone/iTouch until he falls asleep.  (Forgive me if you get a badly spelled email from me between the hours of 8-9PM at night - it's because I'm typing on my iTouch under a blanket).

We are also at that age where Logan will try every delay tactic in the book to put off sleeping.  He needs water. He needs to go potty.  He needs a stuffed animal.  Etc.  But typically, he just asks random questions or tells us random things.  I like how you can hear his brain working, processing random bits of information. It cracks me up the things he's thinking of as he's fighting sleep!  Here are some of my recent favorites.

Mommy, what is 3 plus 3?
Mommy, is the human torch a good guy or a bad guy?
Mommy, do you know how to spell meat?
Mommy, what comes after Monday?
Mommy, do we still have the Avatar movie? (yes) But I can't find it!

Just plain silly
Mommy, my feet are like ten feet long!
Mommy, guess what? What if a giant plant rolled me up? (a giant plant?) yeah, a real giant plant. We'd have to get a knife to cut off the real giant plant!
Mommy? I feel my bones. They are inside of me. If you took them out you'd be flat like toilet paper. Or cookies.

Gets me every time
Mommy, I'm scared!
Mommy? I love you!
Mommy, I am going to get a stuffed animal for you!
Mommy, do you want me to rub your back for you? (yep, totally got me on that one)

By the way, forgive any misspellings.  I typed this on a blogger app on my iTouch under a blanket last night.

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  1. Sounds normal to me. :)
    Maybe because we did the same with our older kids. We were able to sit on the floor by their bed and play with the laptop. Our little one still sleeps with us. He is 2.5 In the next few months he will transition to his own bed but meanwhile I am enjoying his snuggles.


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