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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Logan is BIG into cutting paper with his own scissors lately.  As in it has to happen at least every day and is often expressed as “I need to cut paper, Mommy.”  I love his crafty obsessions of late.  Like mother, like son, right?

I think since I made some tissue paper poms for a future post at DSSP, he has been interested in folding the paper into an accordian and cutting off the ends.  It’s like a long snowflake, I guess.  He calls them his “menus.” :)  It brings him so much joy, that I can handle the random slivers of paper scattered all over our house.  Just can’t figure out what to do with the large quantity of finished product?

So this picture of him with a big smile on his face cutting one of his “menus” is my simple things photo for this week.  So happy it brings him so much joy!


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