Logan–39 Months

Monday, March 28, 2011


Dear Logan,

Oh child, what am I going to do with you?  Last week your teacher told me that the classroom is like a comedy club when you are there.  I can’t decide if that is necessarily a good thing? :)  I guess you enjoy life and are almost always happy, so it can’t be all bad.  You sure crack us up with your crazy moves, silly words and goofy facial expressions.

Last Saturday you were laying in bed between us and rather fidgety.  It was barely sunrise and I was not looking forward to getting up to so early.  All the sudden I heard you whisper “P-p-p-pokerface!”  Dad started giggling because you were doing the hand moves from the dance game we play with that song.  All while laying in bed.  I guess you were whispering so trying to be quiet?

You get on certain kicks with words and repeat goofy things over and over for like a week’s time.  For example, your recent saying is “hairy eyeball.”  “Mom, you have a hairy eyeball!”  “He poked me in my hairy eyeball!”  Etc.  No idea where they come from (actually I probably do – SCHOOL!) or why you get so obsessed with them.  Aside from “stinky” anything, you usually get over them in about a week’s time and move onto another phrase that you repeat all day long. 

You are learning so much these days and amazing me every single day.  You can spell probably half a dozen words (all three and four letter words!) and can sound out a bunch more.  You often ask me how to spell certain words.  The other morning you decided you were going to spell out “Voltron” on our refrigerator.  (Daddy got you into that silly cartoon).  When I told you that you couldn’t since we only had one O, you were very insistent that you could.  This is what you ended up with, without any help from me.  Not bad for 3 years old!!


You have been practicing your writing a lot and can write your name pretty legibly all on your own (no more tracing!).  You must have learned about patterns at school because you tell us about them all the time.  When I try to share a 3 item pattern with you (red, blue, green, red, blue, green), you insist I’m wrong because a pattern only has two things. :)  But you otherwise grasp the concept very well!

You are big on keeping collections of random things lately – particularly leaves, rocks and sticks.  We’ve started to keep them in piles in the backyard because they are getting a little out of control.  A few weeks ago you came home from school with like 10 rocks in your pocket!  I didn’t even realize until I took off your jacket and noticed it was so heavy!  I’ve already washed a rock too because I missed it!

We still sit with you while you fall asleep at night (bad, I know!) and you’ve lately been telling me “Mommy, I’m scared!” while laying there.  I always tell you to think of something happy (which you once responded with “Nothing makes me happy!!"”) I told my friend Gretchen about this and she was sharing a similar story with her 6 year old, who responded to his dad “sleeping in your bed makes me happy!”  I told your daddy this story and you must have overhead, because that is now your response every time too. :)

Now let’s talk about this other issue you’ve been having.  Let’s just say you are a gassy guy.  I swear you burp like a grown man.  Sometimes of course it cracks you up!  You are fairly good about saying “Excuse me!” (although better at reminding us to!).  But you also have other gassy issues lately and say “I tooted!” and laugh hysterically.  Seriously, you are only three years old.  Do I have bathroom humor to look forward to for the next 15 years??

I’m not sure how time flies so fast but you are definitely not a toddler anymore – you are a big boy full of personality.  It’s so much fun to watch you learn and grow – and to see that personality shine through. 

I love you more than there are stars in the sky, cutie patootie!!



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  1. Your post melts my heart! Makes me think of my now 11 year old at that age. Adorable photo, too!


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