Logan–38 Months

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear silliest boy on the planet,

Yep, that’s you.  You are such a goofball!  You are constantly cracking jokes and making up words and doing silly dances and just being a total joy to be around.  You are absolutely hilarious!  You make this goofy monkey face when you are doing your crazy dances that just cracks me up!

As silly as you are, you are super sensitive and sweet too, and I’m pretty proud of that.  Daddy might not be as much – I know he’s always telling you to be a big boy and not cry.  But I appreciate how sensitive you are.  We still struggle watching new movies and shows – sometimes you burst into tears when there is a scary part or someone is hurt.  Sometimes you go hide in another room when you are upset and tell us you want to be alone because you are sad.  It breaks my heart, but it also warms me to know that you are so sensitive to others being hurt.  It makes me love you even more!

You are very thoughtful too.  When you and daddy are sharing dessert, you always want to make sure I get a bite (which is sometimes difficult when it is something I don’t like, like grapefruit, and I have to act like I like it since we are trying to teach you to try new things!).  You often ask me “how was your day today?” even if we’ve been together all day long.  And sometimes you wake me in the middle of the night or in the morning just to tell me you love me (hate the waking up part, but LOVE hearing you say it!). 

You are big into asking the meaning of words lately.  I struggle sometimes in responding.  Today you asked me what the word “include” means.  And then when I explained it (terribly) you actually corrected me and gave me a simple explanation.  So I’m not sure how much it is that you don’t know the meanings versus you want to hear my crazy explanations.

You are also always asking what certain colors mixed together.  “Mommy, what does green and black make?”  Then you go through all the colors of the rainbow with that one color.  “What does red and black make?  What does orange and black make?”…  I decided that this was a sign that I needed to let go of my fear of letting you paint and invested in some good washable paints to let you play and experiment yourself.  In fact you are big into crafts lately and always want to do a “project”.

You are also always asking us the sum of two numbers, then want to count it out on our fingers.  This one is pretty cool, but challenging when we are driving to and from school (when it often comes up), because I can’t hold out my fingers for you to count.  We also have debates about 1+1.  You have a hard time grasping that adding two numbers is not the same as writing them side by side, so you insist (very vehemently) that it equals eleven.  That’s another tough thing to explain to you!

You are still big into superheroes.  In fact this weekend we rented a Super Friends DVD from the library, which was pretty funny.  You ran around all weekend insisting you were one of the Wonder Twins. 

We are having so much fun with you these days – it amazes me how it keeps getting better and better.  You are my sunshine, buddy.  Every day is better with you in it!  Love you more than there are stars in the sky, little guy!

Love, Mommy

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