happy belated birthday, tam!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I’m lucky to call one of the most incredible women I know my sister-in-law.  She has been such a blessing in my life.  There were times in my life that I don’t know what I’d have done without her.  She came to my dress fittings for my wedding gown.  Visited us the night Logan was born.  Gave me advice on family culture/traditions when her silly brother just rolled his eyes at me.  Stood up for us at our wedding.  Cooked us many meals when Logan was a tiny baby.  Does my dishes constantly when she is visiting. :) She lived with us for a while, and I can honestly say she was the easiest housemate ever.  She is one of Logan’s very best friends.  We are so lucky to have her.
She celebrated her birthday this week, and I wanted to put a little post of photos together in a pathetic effort to show how much we love her.  Thanks for everything, T.  You are the most incredible sister-in-law ever.  But I can honestly say that even if we didn’t have the family bond, there is no doubt that I’d choose you as my friend.  You are one of the most thoughtful and generous women I know.  You are constantly helping me, even when I don’t know I need help.  And you crack me up ALL the time.  I’m pretty sure Logan got his sense of humor from the Vo side of the family.  Love ya!

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  1. This totally made me cry! You're too sweet and have WAY too many photos of me in all sorts of disarray. :) Luckily, Logan's in them, too, to distract the viewers. Thanks, Heather! Sure miss you guys! Love ya!


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